I REALLY don't want to go back. Honestly it comes down to not wanting to be near my "peers." I have very little respect for any of them. When I smoke, I don't smoke with them, I smoke with the professors from UCLA and Brown. I make fun of students with them and it is seriously the only thing that keeps me sane. I also am just getting sick of one upping people in class. I mean,I WILL still do it, but IDK, I'm tired of being better than everyone.

Advice to PD Freshman:

-Read your texts, to an extent. You get what you put into it. Pick 2 classes you will devote your soul to and do your best in them. It is literally impossible to be on the up and up for all 5-7 classes.

-ALLOW yourself a B or two. Hell even I received a C, once. Just shoot for As and don't compromise of that goal, but don't beat yourself up IF you fall, you have 8+ semesters to make up for that nasty little B. So relax but don't get lazy.

-SHOW UP TO CLASS. Honestly 70% of your grade IS this. Why? Because if you are there you know what is going on, if you screw up your professor thinks you aren't a "slacker" and gives you more breaks and honestly grades you better by at least a letter grade. ALLOW MAYBE one or two skips and of course if you are really sick don't go but always email your professor professionally explaining your lie or your truth, it goes MILES.

-SPEAK UP!!! No one who is a wall flower will make friends, but more importantly networks. Knowing people, and by people I mean the RIGHT people (more below) is essential after college and it is never too early to start. That being said, one of the people you WANT to know you is the professor; this is for networking reasons and for your grade. The more it looks like you care the more the professor will care about you.

-Remember that old saying, "People will judge you by the company you keep?" Well, it's 100% true. That bing said, pick your friends wisely and be mindful who sees you with who. In the end what are you looking for in college, to have a good time or to get a jumpstart in life? My recommendation is to keep a small pocket, and I mean small, of "cool" people for the nights you want to let loose. Everyone else forget about. Don't waste your time with nobodies. Find people who are smart and look like they know what they are doing WHO AREN'T REALLY WEIRD. This is VERY hard but it IS possible. I know SOME people who aren't TOO stupid and MIGHT be good for networking but because they are just not right in the head (libertarian, a "bro", into some REALLY illegal shit) DO NOT associate yourself with them. Now remember, this doesn't mean you have to stop being nice to people, this means you don't want to waste your limited time and energy with them is all. In the end, you aren't in college to "make friends" you are there to learn and make contacts. IF someone offers something you want or need, show them want you have to offer and see if you can do business, i.e. become "friends."

-The sexy stuff. Wrap up or pack up, you don't want busted junk for a one night thing. Drink but don't do it on a school night or EVERY weekend. Experiment with drugs if you really want to but don't make it your life. Money (and your legal safety) can be much better spent saving up to study overseas for the summer. I know this from personal experience. SHOWER and SHAVE. Have a nice haircut and clean cloths and brush your teeth for Christ's sake. DO NOT worry too much about "name brand" clothes, just look nice.

-Sleeping. TRY and get 8 hours. IF you can't you will live just drink caffeine. I like those Starbucks Coffee Fraps. that are sold in to go glass bottles. Just TRY and stick it out until the weekend and crash. Weekends are recharge days, not party ones.

-Staying up. We all have to cram now and then but are drugs the answer? I personally have never taken adderall or the like for any reason let alone studying. Does that mean I think it is bad? No. Does that mean it is safe? No, because I don't know enough about it nor cared to. Listen, if you drink caffeine to stay awake, then you use drugs to do better so the moral question of adderall is silly. In all honesty I never took them because A. I don't want to be around loser drug/pseudo-drug dealers for anything and B. 8 to 10 a pill is bullshit. My trick to stay up and kick ass in school, Starbucks again. I buy 2-3 2 shot cans of cream and expresso and I am wired for at least 3 hours. Do this AS A LAST RESORT AT 11pm-2am because once your body is done, you crash, and crash hard. This is why again you should stay on top of your work.

-On that note, the best way to stay on top of things is getting yourself a small pocket sized calendar planner. As girly as that sounds it is worth it 100%. I literally increase my productivity, and sanity for that matter, by 25-50% with a planner. They are cheap and are easily found in Staples or the like. Just do it, and USE it, you'll thank me.

-Money. Do well, really well, get scholarships. Simple. Don't buy books if you think you can torrent them, borrow them from friends, or just won't need them. Some professors scare you into buying them but never use them or check if you use them. Gamble the first week and see how the professor sets up a class, many times you can see what they ask of you and you might not need to buy the books. IF you MUST buy the books ALWAYS get older editions for penny's on amazon. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE EXCEPT FOR STUPID SHIT. I HAVE heard that international editions ARE cheaper too but I have yet too look into this lead so see for yourself. As of now this is the site I use to find cheap books. Best on the web in my opinion:


ISBNs are your friend.

Other than that Craigslist odd jobs are good and working for the school is easy office work that allows you to sit, study and get paid at the same time. Don't do kitchen work even IF it pays more, not worth it. Also, if you had skills like video editing, music, photoshop ect. ADVERTISE IT!!! People need all kinds of people in college and you could make some easy money on the side, plus this is good for networking too if you want to use your skill latter in life. Also, you know those independent websites for scholarships, don't waste your time with them, it's all a scam.

-Trust. Don't have it for anyone. Your shit will get stolen. Be smart.

-Cigarettes. Bad habit but you meet A LOT more people doing it. And one of those people may not suck and you can network.

Closing remarks. You don't get many more chances to not screw up your life PD than college. Don't mess this up. Study abroad a few times. It's fun, easy and makes you look better than everyone else. If you guys have anymore questions feel free, if not I hope this helped a little. Killed an hour for me though.

God I hate college kids.