Pokemon that you don't like, or just look nasty.

I don't have one I hate the most, but here are the only I don't like:

Probably outright the most realistic pokemon bar none, and it looks like a real fucking dirt eating grub, its only a few realistic strokes from being a real thing. I respect that though, its a cool as hell pokemon that deserves more respect, still, its an ugly motherfucker.

This is a weird one, but it comes down to its just creepy as fuck. Its always in creepy places, with the most content smile on its face, for not good reason. If Im in a grave yard, I don't fear Gengar, I know what that whats to do to me, but this... chime, chime. Its just weird and happy for no reason, I hate it.

those bumps... ew

looks like a preppy goth chick, it just looks ugly as hell, Id rather fuck a female machamp