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ncis season 9 DVD Plot:NCIS each group will meet all kinds of different cases, from murder, drug trafficking, espionage, terrorism, or even to the mystery religions, nothing is too strange. In the first episode of NCIS group encountered difficult cases - the United States presidential plane " Air Force One " on a navy commander suddenly died, NCIS group to launch investigation he meets other special service group of obstruction, but two groups together case, all doubt display case is not pure death, may be the president risk in the plot plan. ncis seasons 1-9 DVD Plot:The "NCIS " around the story of a group of criminal agent, the special investigation Navy and Marines have involved in criminal cases. Lead the team is investigator Leroy Jethro Gibbs he is a smart, tough, in order to handle a case often at the following make, break outmodel conventions leadership. Following the Gibbs agent Anthony Dinozzo ( Michael Weatherly has played) - once in police homicide work with his intuition, there are often exceeding all expectations God associate judge

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