Maybe i was wrong to even talk about life. Life forms devoloping was just an example that most people can comprehend that is follows the logic of infinite regression. So when you start asking questions about past things you can skip straight to the answer instead of having to explain infinite regression just from the start.

Also, calling what i have a faith is wrong. Faith's have no basis in anything other than faith. There is no proving.

All i can tell you is that if you fully understand what i mean by infinite regression, and you still don't understand how that proves god(gods) existence than you are hopeless for me to make you aware. It doesn't really matter, however there is some comfort in knowing that god(gods) more than likely EXIST(as in now as apposed to them existing in the past and then vanishing/doing no other things)

Also, being athiest is also a faith, so i don't understand what you mean...