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Thread: Cheeto death in St. Louis

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    "he drivered it for mac"


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    Quote Originally Posted by ElijahWyatt View Post
    Now i'm confused.... You can download programs to both mac and windows (+ having the cd of the other one) and have a dual open emulator/rom basically and run both at the same time...... is this wtf you guys are talking about? Like I've seen my friend who owns a mac having windows 7 open in basically a program, and can run programs inside of it, its the same basic thing as creating multiple computers with one computer. Like with my new computer i can run 10 different league of legends accounts at the same time all playing botedly. Its doing that, but using the cd boot for the other version
    download more ram

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    so i ended up not getting high last night and was rather upset about it
    Quote Originally Posted by God View Post
    get out of my way kirby, i've got gulags to build.

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