I was hanging out in my dorm room just now, watching Youtube videos to relax when I heard a large group of people gather outside my window (I live on the 2nd floor and the sound from the parking lot below me travels very far).

I thought nothing of it until the group started singing in a native american chant, probably Hopi or Navajo, almost in a drunken stupor as they danced around a truck. They were rather loud and obnoxious, but I didn't want to tell them to shut up to look like a rascist so I tried my best to ignore it instead.

About ten minutes passed, and a random old white guy showed up, points a flashlight at them, tells them to shut up and the group walks away laughing. I can still hear them in the nearby forest. What the hell was that all about? hahaha xD did I miss the night to dance for our great Ford overloads?