CE is still hyperactive. LUE is almost dead due to the lockdown and RI choked on its own social topics. It's still kickng just not nearly as active as it once was. CE won that battle by attrition. As for non-chan boards though, there aren't very many. How I yearn for the halcyon days of the internet, back when you were just a screen name and a personality. I think a lot of it has to do with expanding technology. Back in the day most of us were on slow DSL or dial-up, we weren't expected to watch embedded Youtube videos or load 20,000 image macros at once. Only nerds hung around online too so it was kind of this in-club of those of us willing to spend lonely nights fiddling with technology. Normal people just used email, searched for things, and read Wikipedia. Now any pillock can run a blog, an online business, a forum, a social media account, etc. Like with the Star Wars movies, the limitations of the technology made it cool.