Tim, Rayne and I were living in the same apartment, and Rayne got a message from his friend Mashita (is that even a real name?) asking for his help with math problems set by her tutor. Tim ended up solving all he problems and sent them to her, and then started sending her notes asking her about her life and how she's been etc. Rayne didn't like that and intercepted them. He then wrote a reply and sent it back to Tim, signed Mashita.

I saw the note as it floated past me, and it said something like : I much thank for your help but I must reply not like this... (There was a whole sheet full, but I don't remember it- if it even registered then).

I went to Rayne's room and said "Akhil- you seriously expect Tim to believe the note came from Mashita?" and then we started laughing. I later found Tim ironing clothes in the other room and thinking about what he'd reply to "Mashita". I was wondering whether he'd figured out Rayne sent the note and was playing along, or whether he really believed it came from Mashita. Rayne was peering around the corner, so I went and told him that Tim had read the note etc and he was chuckling about fooling Tim.

Anyway, I kept going from one person to another watching them write notes, feeling more amused by the minute.