trixie's thread inspired me to make this thread wherein we can discuss interesting dream-related events!

2 interesting dream related things that have always stuck with me:

when i was around 5-7 i had a recurring dream, it probably happened once every couple months for years. i'd be hanging from a flag pole from the top floor of a giant building, and there'd be someone standing above me and i'd be asking him to grab my hand and lift me up. he wouldn't and i'd fall and wake up.

also when i was young, around the same age, i had a series of lucid dreams. to wake up from them i would either: go to sleep in the dream, or i'd imagine myself in the house i was living at the time, and when i opened the door to what i think was the close we kept sheets/towels/etc in at the time, i'd wake up. so one night i had another lucid dream, and after playing around in it a bit i decided i wanted to wake up. so i tried to go to sleep in the dream, but i didn't wake up. i was a little worried by this. so i went to the closet and opened it up, but it was just the towels and sheets as if i had just really opened the closet. so then i couldn't wake up and i started to panic and remember being REALLY scared of being stuck in the dream forever. after a while of that i woke up, and never had a lucid dream again.