Yeah I want to make some kick ass internet games and maybe a pokemon simulator, hey I have the time lol.

But first I need to know... how to connect to the internet. This sites seems just right up my ally

At first it went through BS stuff about connection to sites to see their code, which is cool and all, but not useful. Finally it got to sockets which I believe is what ones needs to connect to servers and have shit done, and play multiplayer games.

But when I get to the first input site code:
it doesn't work, I don't know if it is my compiler, but it doesn't understand -

KnockKnockProtocol kkp = new KnockKnockProtocol();

On the note of my compiler, I don't think it is operating correctly for this, I think im suppose to get a pseudo-c++ layout where I impit things, but all it does is give me red errors.

does anyone here have any experience in this kinda shit?