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Thread: Pokemon MMO idea.

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    thumbs down Pokemon MMO idea.

    So i woke up this morning and started thinking how amazing a Pokemon MMO would be, so I started planning one that I'd like to play.

    I'm just going to list some ideas that I came up with, your welcome to shoot them down or offer better ones as much as you like.

    An absolutely massive fully 3D map with 500ish cities ranging from very large cities to small 5 house Villages.
    Complete 3D sprites, that walk around free to challenge.
    Pokemon sprites change with items and in some cases can hold multiple items.
    Trading would Be done like in old games = meet someone at a PokeCentre and trade, or from server to server at a world trade post (list Pokemon wanted and offering Pokemon).
    PokeBall "chests" in secret locations, would be differing "loot" for everyone ( But suitable, no crappy potions in latter areas.)
    "Battle Central" would hold attractions from previous games like "Beauty Contest" "Movie Studio" "Battle Tower" and so on.
    Can challenge any Player Trainer you meet to a battle whenever you want. NPC Trainers would also be available but only some would force you to battle.

    Battle system resembles Kingdom Hearts BBS. You take limited control of the Pokemon and have a list of attacks to use. Each would vary in cool down times.
    "Attack missed", "Ineffective" or "Counter" would be timing based, Pokemon would move around on there own, to seem like the trainer was yelling commands and the Pokemon following them.
    (so if you had a Charizard vs Combusken, . Charizard used Fly. Combusken used flamethrower. Combusken"s attack was ineffective, but if Charizard came back down for "Fly second phase" and the Combusken timed its attack right. Counter)
    (or Combusken was behind Charizard, Charizard use flamethrower(before it turned around). Charizard's attack missed)
    Team attacks with supporting players is possible to defeat Pokemon, exp is shared between players, but Pokemon can only be caught by original challenger, others will get varying amounts of exp.
    Nearly every single Pokemon available to capture, limited time events (like Mystery events) for special Pokemon.

    Story quests ("Enter and defeat all Team Rocket members from there base under sylph Co.")happen in party number limited dungeons, Number of Party can vary depend on dungeon difficulty.
    Large scale story quests or legendary battles ("Defeat Giovanni in the next room" or "Show Lugia humans are worthy trainers by catching it") happen in single player instances, so there is no infighting over who catches the Legendary or who beat the boss.
    Side quests would vary from collecting quests ("Use a Pokemon with dig to get radishes"), defeating large numbers of enemies ("fight off the angered Primeape"), to Delivering items ("Get the Chansey egg to the Viridian City PokeCentre") and more.

    Leveling Changed to 1000, Stats/Evolutions changed to suit. I know this seems massive and i know I'll get a lot of negative feedback for it.
    Since the map is huge and there would be exp sharing/boosting items, if you had a level 1 in your party with exp share and fought a level 500 gym it would gain a large amount of exp and therefore multiple levels.
    (Often in older games I would have an "A Team" of 3 Pokemon or so and after defeating the elite four go back with 3 weak Pokemon to evolve them and complete my Pokedex.)

    80 Gyms scattered throughout. Levels 10 - 500, if there is going to be 80 gyms there needs to be higher levels.
    Gyms would be able to be re-challenged for leveling purposes. Like in Emerald, they call you at a later date and ask for a rematch.
    Elite 10, 1 champion. Levels 500 - 800, Challenging with Level 700 and up would be the best course of action, Pokemon always had a degree of grinding in it.

    Maybe some kind of Trainer leveling but i can't really think of anything it would be necessary for or how it would be implemented. Maybe Item use or area access.

    So that is about it. Feel free to post your feedback, I welcome criticism, just try not to be mean about it there is no real need for it.
    Thanks for reading.

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    nintendo ain't doing it any time soon, they got their money train lined up

    anyway, they have something like this I think that came out recently with live battling

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