This is the insanity of what is my nationality.

25% German
25% Polish
3/16 Irish
1/8 Check Republic
1/16 Jamaican (which is where my last name comes from... which is a German last name, dual immigration bitches)
1/16 English
1/16 Hungarian / French / misc

If by some god awful chance I reproduce, by child's last name will only be relevant to the country 1/32 of them.

Ive talked to some people and apparently I am not in the same boat to, its a relatively common thing. In like one generation most children's school day nationality pie charts will be to convoluted to make sense of them. There is going to be a point maybe in like 50-75 years where people are just going to have to say "I'm American" because they have completely lost the other nationality. What do you guys think? This probably isn't relevant to our non-Americans.