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just because it's a preference doesnt mean it isnt stupid
Yeah I can't really fight that one. I was arguing more over the "it isn't logical" statement.

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No I am a liberal extremist... how would hating republicans be conservative?

How I view them:
-water bottles: waste of money / wasteful
-hard drugs: moronic
-voting republican: moronic
-tattoos: waste of money
-smoking: moronic AND waste of money
I was saying someone would vote Republican because they are a conservative. Also a tattoo isn't a waste of money if it's something that has a meaning to it.

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Nanaki lives in Ireland? I though he was another PA boy, I could of sworn I saw him talk about PA accents one time.
I posted a link to a site about northern Colorado not 3 days ago talking about where I live. I lived in PA for a few years though.