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Thread: Fuck Smogon: Russias Economy

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    Default Fuck Smogon: Russias Economy

    They deleted a mother fucker thread that pertained to giving foreign aid to Russia.

    So Im posting it here.

    Should Russia continue to get economic aid?

    My response:

    To be honest I do not know enough about Russsia's economy to make a really solid judgement. Overall, I feel the US should help out countries in economic distress, and that is exactly what we did in the 90s.

    Quickly scanning through Russia's economic page on Wikipedia, it doesn't appear that Russia is really doing that badly anymore, sure they have been hit by the 2008 recession, but so has everyone else. Not giving Russia economic aid seems like something worth considering, but one would probably have to do extensive research into it to see if Russia really had recovered or not.

    Overall, put on the table and lets analyze it before we make any rash judgements.

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    foreign aid is proven to do very little to affect the living standards of countries in receipt of it. remittances and giving that country a chance to form a genuine economy are the most important things. let russia build their export markets, buy things from them, their economy grows more rapidly and we're helping simply by buying their shit

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