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    In my mind I have been brewing up a sci-fi fantasy tale since I was about 4, you Andrew can atlest that it is extremely long and convoluted. Also, it has literally no plot, it is literally just the history of a world I made up. As you will see, it reads like a Historical documentary once you get into the main "story." I just want to get it all down before I die so maybe someone will pick it up and do something, because I can't write a novel or a movie.

    First off it is hard to start off because there is a ton of backstory, so Ill guess I will just begin with the most in depth and temporarily relevant back story.

    Lets look into the world of Charon. Charon is a planet located in the milk way galaxy, not to far from Earth. It is in a solar system with at least one large gas giant which it orbits in front of it, relative to the sun, making for spectacular sights with a Saturn like planet in the horizon. Also in this solar system extends a large asteroid field, and Charon often gets hit by them.

    Charon is a damp moist planet starting off, the entire planet is basically a giant marsh. Outside of one gigantic dormant volcano, the rest of the planet's surface doesn't rise or sink below a few feet of the sea level. On this marsh landscape evolves a race of bipedal people with squid like body parts (mainly their heads and their skin). The name this people called themselves, is lost to time, but people simply refer to them as "The Fishes."

    As time passes the Fishes become an increasingly intelligent and a technological race. At some point they are so advanced they literally change the environment of the planet, over an unspecified period of time, they concentrate all the bio matter of the planet into one place. From space it looks almost like Earth's biosphere, in a large ring about the size of the Pacific ocean. The rest of the planet becomes a barren wasteland, where nothing can survive.

    on this new world they create for themselves, they make add a few features for their enjoyment. First off they create a large track that circumnavigates the planet's wastelands, touching the biosphere at one tangent point. This track controls and re-navigates any further asteroid impacts on the planet back into space or into the wastelands. Near this tangent point the Fishes make their capital city. Near by, they make a large solar panel to power their energy needs, so large that can be seen from space. Later on becomes a permanent figure of the landscape, as a desert. The biosphere itself is mainly a large ocean, so the Fishes also make other islands dotting the biosphere that are made of either real land, or large metallic ship cities. Another prominent fixture of the landscape are large trees that grow out of the ocean floor, they can become nearly as large as the islands themselves. Finally, dotted throughout the landscape exist large teleportation towers built from the ocean floor, that the Fishes use to get from place to place, easily on the planet.

    For the Fishes, this is utopia momentarily. A small problem arises over time though, it seems they when making the biosphere, they disturbed the feeding grounds of balloon like reptilian animals about the size of a SUV. These animals, having their food source gone, go off and eat Fishes in rural Fish colonies. This is about the equivalent to terrorist attacks in our society.

    The fishes though do not want to go out and kill these creatures themselves (idk they are pussies). So they attempt to make robots to kill them off. They want to make the most deadly and cunning robots as possible, but at the same time have the robots listen to them. It turns out that this is more of a problem than they foresaw, and it becomes almost and obsession for them to make this perfect Robot. They create laboratories which create Robots, test them for compliance and deadliness, and if they fail they incinerate them with a lazer beam. They do this all day every day, tweaking the program slightly each time, attempting to create it by shear trail and error. This goes on for years, one day though the lazer beam on one cage breaks, and the scientists are unable to incinerate the Robot in time. The Robot violently breaks through the cage and kills the scientists.

    Things quickly go down hill once the robot connects to the computers transformers style, and learns how to use nanites. Quickly he uses the nanite to transform everything around him into his Robot brethren or large warships. At the same time the best Fish hackers work their way to stop this madness. Unfortunately they can not put a kill switch to the robots, but they can stop the nanites from further replicating at such a fast rate. It is far to late though, the Robots have transformed the entire capital city into Robots and warships poised to kill all life on Charon.

    The Fishes are outmatched and outgunned, but still manage to put up a decent fight for a few years by turning all their outposts into military bases, and city ships into war ships. One by one though, their bases are destroyed. Once the second to last base, and the largest base goes, the last of the Fishes realize how doomed they are. So they hatch an emergency plan where they escape into the large dormant volcano, to restart their civilization inside it. The Fishes leave some men behind to fight so the Robots, do they don't get suspicious of where they went. The Volcano already had large caverns inside them, but they flesh them out into a new biosphere to live in. They even go as far to make a holography sky and horizon in each cavern, and pump in water from the outside to make it a new illusionary Utopia.

    Once everything is done, they start reconstruction of their civilization and create a large city that encompasses an entire cavern. The Fishes after some time forget their lesson about messing with life and decide to create their own slave to do their work. They make several house servants of themselves that are just manipulated versions of the Fishes (taller, different skin, ect). Their crown jewel is a new race they make on their own to do the dirty work, the Alialans.

    The Alialans look like large bipedal Tigers that have a charge, so they can shoot out lightning bolts as a weapon. The alialans download the knowledge of how things work iside their brains. To make sure the the Fishes have the stranglehold on their society, the Alialans don't truly comprehend the information they have in their heads, only being able to use it for work, they can't teach it. For example, an Alialan slave might know to fix a generator, but has no idea how it works at all. The Alialans though, don't care, and have a large slave revolt / war, all the Fishes are killed off. After a few generations later, and all the the Alianan technology breaks down, their civilization slips away, and the Alialans are cast into the stone age.

    It is here were I will end for today, and where the real story, starts to begin.

    any questions?

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