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Thread: Here's a hypothetical for y'all.

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    Default Here's a hypothetical for y'all.

    So let's assume that the Confederate's don't fuck up at Gettysburg. Bobby Lee keeps the war goin for a while. Eventually England throws in their support with the South and the northern populace, tired of an ongoing war votes that father of modern racism Abe Lincoln out of office. The Confederacy stays it's on nation. The CSA and the USA stay on neutral if not friendly terms. Slavery is eventually abolished fairly peacefully as it becomes much more economic to pay the former slaves a lower wage than take care of all their needs. Since the South is mostly run by an aristocratic class and the poor white sharecroppers and equally poor wage slave blacks, as well as any other minorities are generally downtrodden... Does the Confederacy eventually face a revolution of the people and become a communist nation?

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    I don't think that the confederacy would be to hot if it tied in the war. The confederacy's economy was a piece of shit, and in like 15 years massive the labor forces that it had would start to become pointless with the industrial revolution in full swing. The best I can see the confederacy is a second world nation below the United States that is always being picked on and messed with. And even then in like 30 years America would of gotten its act together militarily, and if the confederacy was still a shit hole, it would of been outright invaded in a sort of second civil war easily.

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    a confederacy NEVER in a million years would have conquered the north. the best if the north gives up because it becomes too costly to keep fighting the war with little real results. so the confederacy becomes its own nation, the north keeps industrializing, the south stays agrarian, and then in 2 decades more or so when the north is even more industrially powerful and the south still has no development, the north invades again and destroys them.
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