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Thread: Vampire: Lords of the Underworld

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    Vampires, how they came to be is irrelevant at this point, but they're here and they stalk the night. For all their power however, vampires have weaknesses and even with their physical and supernatural might, a vampire's greatest strength lies in their influence. The Kindred (as they refer to themselves) broker deals with each other and their allies and minions in dark back alleys and posh VIP rooms alike. One vampire has influence in the shipping industry and he needs some information. Another vampire has access to said information but needs something smuggled out of the city. These gentlemen (or undead horrors if you will) can do business.

    Your characters have just become vampires. With little to no influence their best bet is to form a coterie (Basically a gang or conglomerate of Kindred that work together for mutual benefit) Your characters start on the bottom rungs of the food chain and can work their way up, becoming Prince of the City (The Vampire that rules the other vampires in a city) or perhaps a major crime lord. Betray your friends! Make alliances with your enemies! It's like Boardwalk Empire/Breaking Bad/ and all those other crime shows PD seems to eat up, only with the caveat that you drink blood and can do things normal people can't.

    The Clans: Every Vampire belongs to one of the 13 clans, including you.

    Ventrue: Self styled aristocracy, they're the classic vampire. They often find themselves in positions of power but they can only gain sustenance from a selected group of people (ie. Clergy, the diseased, prostitutes, etc.)

    Toreador: Self absorbed vampires obsessed with beauty. Often on the cutting edge of fashion, music and culture

    Brujah: Rebels with causes. The Brujah are the most likely to take up some sort of counter culture or cause (Communism, the Environment, etc.) They're physically powerful but tend to lose themselves to their rage

    Gangrel: Shapeshifting vampires. The wildest vampries. They sometimes even abandon the cities for the wildreness. Occasionally their curse causes them to develop animalistic features.

    Nosferatu: Cursed to be hideous, the Nosferatu skulk and hide in the shadows. Allthough they are often disregarded and looked down upon by the other kindred, the Nosferatu have a knack for getting all sorts of information, information that other Kindred would pay nearly any price to procure.

    Lasombra: The counterpart to the Ventrue. The Lasombra cast no reflection and many of them can control shadows as if they were physical things.

    Tscimize: Vampires originating from Eastern Europe, the Tscimize have develop strange powers that allow them to sculpt flesh and bone. They can not rest without being surrounded by dirt from their homeland.

    Tremere: Once mortal mages, the Tremere became vampires in an ill fate attempt to preserve their arcane arts. Still they have manage to form a new form of blood sorcery.

    Giovanni: An incestuous Italian Merchant house, the Giovanni allow no one to become a member of their clan who is not already a member of their family. Their bite causes intense pain instead of pleasure, although they possess powerful necromantic arts.

    Setites: Hailing from ancient Egypt, the Followers of Set practice their own insidious arts, have a blasphemous religion worshipping their founder, Set, and ply the vice trade like few others.

    Of Blood, Ghouls and the Blood Bond. Vamprie blood is a powerful thing. If a mortal or vampire drinks the blood of another vampire three times, they become an almost devoted slave. Each drink leading up to third makes the recipient more devoted and more addicted to the vitae of the giver. Vampires often gain power of mortals by Blood Bonding. A mortal who drinks vampire blood becomes a ghoul, gaining some of the power and resiliency of the undead. Vampire Blood is highly addictive however.

    Sign up:
    Background: jsut a bit about who your character was before they were turned.
    Perks: I'll assign a few special little abilities and boons to your character after creation.

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