So every year my university runs a campus-wide program of "Humans Vs. Zombies". Every one starts off as a human (with the exception of "Patient Zero") and the infection slowly spreads as the zombies get various humans. Thankfully us humans get a certain amount of stress balls that we can use to stun the zombies for various periods of time, but the smart human will find pathways to classes and such where they won't need to use their stress balls at all. Every day we will need to complete a certain mission or missions, generally getting to a certain area or retrieving a certain item. There are safe zones dotted throughout the campus as well, including residence, so it won't be as nerve-wracking as an actual zombie invasion. Still, going out to get food and such will prove somewhat difficult.

Throughout this thread I will document my adventures in this apocalyptic world, whether human or zombie. Enjoy.