We're working on 4 major submissions this class, essentially 4 fleshed out essays over the course of the semester, one of which must be a speech given by a group. We also have numerous smaller writing assignments. We've submitted 2/4 and submitted rough drafts of the other 2. We've only gotten feedback on one of these however.

How in gods name am I supposed to gauge how my writing is stacking up when I don't even have a grade let alone feedback for anything except the first assignment? No comments, no points, nothing. I'm working on my semester-end project without any fucking clue how I'm doing, what the grading scale is like, or how I should be structuring the essay in terms of what the instructor wants to see.

I phoned the first essay in out of resentment because not only were the rules changed mid-assignment but also we never got feedback on our drafts so I had no idea where I was. What the fuck is the point of submitting multiple drafts if we get no feedback on them? What, you think I just like uploading shit to X specifications only to change it later for literally no goddamn reason? Jesus Christ.