My view of the world:

I'm at a loss. I would love to be in any place except where there are people with heads stuck up their ass. Unforunately, both my immediate and extended family have at least one person with such a condition. And, as you know, my school is filled with those people. In fact, the whole world is overpopulated by people like these and therefore there is no escape. This, I believe, is why people go insane. Perhaps, there should be an Asgard in which only non-idiots may make their home, with Yggdrasill in the center, occasionally shooting out brilliant laser beams to kill any idiots attempting to taint the perfect world of Asgard. I suppose in a way this Yggdrasill tree would do the exact thing Bush and his cronies want to do to the Mexicans. Hell, let the Mexicans come in -- I'm always open for more authentic Mexican food. (This does not apply to Asgard and the idiots in any way, shape or form.)