ive never been a fan of it and i dont really fancy how 'personal responsibility' is trotted about as a be all and end all justification for right wing economic ideals. but i dont think anyone except the most ardent fiscal conservatives believe that someone who is born into desolate circumstances and turns to crime does it purely out of a lack of personal responsibility or that a yuppie making seven figures on wall street achieved his success because he had personal responsibility dripping out of his ears. however, frequenting quora, i've found that a lot of people who do understand the need for government funded social programs still champion the concept of 'personal responsibility'.

...and that's been perplexing me. does the notion of personal responsibility really exist? while it is probably true that on a large scale, in reference to things like the trends of economic mobility, one cannot assign the entirety of the blame for their circumstances to the people involved. but on a socially microscopic level does the concept of personal responsibility hold true? if i forget to step out a cigarette on the woods and cause a fire is that because of a lack of personal responsibility? if i slack off and get a poor grade on a test does that mean i do not have enough personal responsibility?