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Thread: I Hate It When Stupid People Ask You For Help

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    Default I Hate It When Stupid People Ask You For Help

    THE DAY BEFORE a final this or that is due, especially women. I mean, I worked for my grades this semester, like every semester, and haven't socialized intimately with anyone more or less in my classes. Or, to put it another way, like most semesters, the people in my classes had nothing to offer me in regards to networking and thus were useless to me. (See how this relates to my college thread, freshmen?) I'm not in the market to party, I'm not in the market to have sex with random people and I'm not in the market to "make friends." I have all the amount I need in all those areas. Picture of Dogar's idea of all the amount he needs for partying:

    (If you haven't noticed they are playing Age of Empires 2)

    So, if there isn't anything anyone can offer me (and I wouldn't help for just sheer money if the person is poor because the cost benefit ratio to me in the long run is still very low) then THERE IS NO REASON FOR ME TO HELP THEM. You know the type, they don't read, they don't do the work, they don't participate or add anything of value to the class when they do, they skip/leave early ALL THE TIME and are facebooking during class. I GO OUT OF MY WAY NOT to talk to these people because of situations like these but SOME HOW they engage me in conversation at least ONCE in the semester and then think they have a rapport with me to ask for answers/summarize information for a final paper/project about topics that took literally months to go over in the class for even ME to have a decent grasp on them. I KNOW what they are doing because SO MANY OTHER PEOPLE that had classes with me do it all the time. They find the kid who is smart and nice up front (not some weirdo but a guy who knows his shit) and leeches onto them in hopes they will help them not work. It's a survival technique for plebs, I know this, and in a way I feel empathy for them, I really do. But, call me callus, I don't have the temperament to hold people's hands in college especially if they are my peers. It's one thing to tutor someone pro bono, I would do that for anyone if they needed help and were willing to genuinely work for a grade, (hell I'd even let them copy notes if that's all they wanted) but when you come to me the day before it's due asking me to practically do it for you, I have no sympathy AT ALL. NOW, in what cases WOULD I do this for someone? PD freshmen, you should know this.........I would do this for someone IF they had SOMETHING to offer me. This is why networking and making yourself marketable is IMPORTANT. If your "human credit score" is worth an investment in time, people will loan you theirs, but if your "human credit score" is worth nothing, well, enjoy that D and good luck with life.

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