But honestly I have not been impressed by them in the past year or so. They have been screwing up there software for the Macs that makes one go crazy. I am not a hardcore techy person but I know my way around a Mac pretty well and even I can see why Mac is really rewriting everything although they hide it under the vail of "productivity." The answer is simple, money. Some issues that blow my mind:

-Samba file sharing rewrote so that ATV can only access them and only if they were bought from the iTunes

-iPhone 4 or older can never be used as an ATV remote

-There bullshit move of taking out Rosetta which allowed older programs to work

-Wait, you know what, Lion and Mountain Lion all together period.

-ATV not allowing external hard drives to play movies or music.

There is more but I am not feeling well. (Thanks Cook.)

Long story short I am keeping my Macbook because even with it's bs it still causes me less headaches than PCs ever did, BUT, totally selling my ATV on ebay. Western Digital TV Live is 100 times better and I have only had it for less than 5 hours. Doesn't have airplay but I really don;t care because it can use any movie on a flash drive or ehd. FINE with me. Plus it supports slingbox which I am not stealing cable with on-demand with.