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    who's the hot guy that shaved your head
    Quote Originally Posted by giftsbestt View Post
    People, let us discuss 4 actions to support your personal wife's continue to Earth less complicated: Vacuum your girlfriend car. Refill her vehicle's gas tank. Buy her flowers... originating from a florist who all conducts business in a very building along with a solid roof top, not on road-side stands as well as at gasoline stations. You might earn things by actually vehicle and getting out of your car or truck. Gas rail station flowers that reek of unleaded tend to be not as purposeful. They along with precisely the same category seeing that gas station sushi.

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    I knew you buckwheat was a skin head.

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    that's my best friend austin lol
    Quote Originally Posted by God View Post
    get out of my way kirby, i've got gulags to build.

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