Hey! So I'm getting back into competitive pomémon battles again. so i went online to find a pokédex that showed the pokémon base stats and stuff and couldn't find it for a while. i was searching for a hot minute and then i found a link and clicked on pokedream. the name look familiar and then i was what is this again... and then i remembered everything...

i know. i'm a cosmo knight. whatevsss kirby....

anyway, long story short:

army guy who joined PD back in 2009, joined another forum, got busy with life... you know, war and stuff, couldn't find time for anything online or videogames... lost touch with people and forum; now i'm back on PD... for now.
(i seriously need to clean up cosmo. there's gonna be some work to it, but it's gonna be cleaned up.)

well you guys who do know me, i'm currently in germany. i'm still the man eater as ever and german men love me as much as i love them ;]

so what's new and what's going on!?