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Thread: Pinback Button Makers are WAY Over Priced For What They Are

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    Default Pinback Button Makers are WAY Over Priced For What They Are

    And the pinbacked button blanks are even more ridiculous in price for what they are. IF you can sell a button for 1-2 each you would have to sell upwards of 200-250 buttons to break even for the button "machine" button materials and the paper and ink for the picture. (For 2 1/4 button, which are too big and out of fashion but this is the cheapest way to do this.) 30 + free shipping (The assembly ring for the popular 1 1/4 buttons) 40-10=30 +free shipping (coupon after the first purchase)

    Then a blank button set of 250 buttons for each size so around 100 with shipping, which is $20.00!!!! RIP OFF. (You CAN'T buy these anywhere, believe me, I looked so it's only online.)
    Not to mention a circle cutter which is around 15 bucks!!

    This is just for ONE type of item, I have over head in other areas too. Let's shoot for breaking even! haha

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    i just want to make those buttons on ema skye (phoenix wright)... the H2O buttons
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