Have you ever wanted your ideas and talented gifts appreciated by others and shown to people all around the world? Have you ever wanted to collaborate your ideas with a team and see them come to life in ways even you could never imagine alone? Have you ever had some GREAT ideas but had no where to actually "put them on paper?" Are you an artist, a musician, a writer/story maker, a programer, good at solving problems and creative? If so a production studio wants YOU. And not just ANY production studio, but one run by the man himself, Dogar The Brave. What "project" are you talking about Dogar you may ask? Well, I'll tell you PD talent. I am in the process of forming a diverse team with various skills and unique attributes to create a RPG video game of a genre to be determined. The end goal is not to just make a great and engaging game that many players around the world will love but also to make some money. The estimated value of this game will sell for around $14.99 but this number can always change. Our hope is to gain enough fan base on our first game to sell even more video games for more money. If you are interested in getting on the ground floor of this project please post in this thread. Questions are welcomed. So talent of PD, come on board and make your mark in the video game world!