2025 - The first Giant Monster appears. It rises from the sea west of Japan and devastates Nagasaki. Conventional Military have little to no success combating the creature and the United Nation convenes to find a solution. Eventually talks fail with different nations unable to come up with a successful plan. The UN decides to allow private corporations to attempt their own solutions while a pittance is assigned to an internationally funded Kaiju Defense Force Project. As more Kaiju begin to appear around the world, people grow desperate. Eventually corporate sponsors donate enough money to get the KDF off the ground and the Nagasaki Spear is constructed. The first in a possible series of revolutionary battleships. It's capable of flight as well as sea travel. The Nagasaki Spear has revolutionary armor playing as well as an array of experimental weaponry and defenses. Housed in a base of the coast of Hawaii, The Nagaski Spear is preparing for it's initial foray against the Kaiju Menace. All it needs now is a crew.

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Nation of Origin:

Alleigance: Whether you serve your Home Nation, a Corporation, or the Human Race at large.



Skill Break Down: You h ave 15 points to apply to skills. No Skill can be higher than 5.
Hand to Hand
Small Arms
Spectrum Shield Operation
Beam Weapon Operation
Ballistics Operation
Public Relations
More Skills will pop up as the game continues.

You also bring to the table one Unit of personnel. Your choices are:
Researchers - primarily for developing new types of technology
Bio Researchers - primarily for determing weaknesses of individual Kaiju as well as potentially developing new technologies based on those creatures.
Engineering - used to install new tech into the Nagaski Spear as well as repair
Accountants - used to keep down the upkeep on the Project
Politicians/Corporate Agents - Used to lobby for funding to keep the KDF running.

The base has one unit of each Personnel but more of one type increases it's effectiveness.

I'll post more later. Feel free to ask questions here.