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Thread: What state is what student

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    Default What state is what student

    which state is what type of student

    find yours, here's some highlights from massachusetts

    Massachusetts: The Smart kid or The Irish Drunk
    I came here to say this, but you beat me to it... Massachusetts is also that secret stoner that everyone's shocked when they find out how much he smokes.
    The nerdy kid who kicks the bully in the balls the fist time he's hassled. Refers to speed limits as "speed suggestions".
    I are Masaachusettsis that loud obnoxious kid that doesn't get talking doesn't need to be done at the top of his lungs. He's pretty smart and will make sure you know that. His cousin is from out west and is sort of a hippie too.
    mass is the only place in the US where you call an American kid Irish. everywhere else they are just white kids. Not arguing, just an observation
    Mass would be a smart kid with good opinons. He would be liked and respected but terrible to talk to at parties.
    Or the catholic kid who only goes to mass on christmas and Easter.
    The kid that acts really liberal and talks about equality even though deep down it's all irrelevant because he's eventually going to work at his dad's hedge fund.
    Mass is the quiet nerdy girl who plays the oboe.
    I feel as if Massachusetts is the jock who is one of the most athletic kids in school. Seems like a douche at first by the way he acts but when you get to know him you realize he likes really cool music and is the friend who will always have your back no questions asked. Average or slightly below average intelligence but street smart.

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    Pennsylvania would be the kid that everybody thinks is a hipster, but is just Amish.
    When you first meet Pennsylvania, you think you've met another New York, or at least a North Carolina. Then you get a few drinks in her and you realize she's actually another Arkansas.
    I'm pretty sure Pennsylvania is running a dice game behind the school, sells alcohol to the other kids out of his trunk, will give you answer keys to tests if you slip him a $100 note, and will beat the ever loving shit out of any other kid who tries to move in on his racket.
    Pennsylvania - One of the kids who can get away with hanging out with the popular kids (like New York) but no one pays attention to them.

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    PA is a psuedo-popular hipster Amish girl that acts like a southerner and plays dice behind the school

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