I was sitting in class today and my teacher allowed us to do whatever we wanted, so everyone was on their phone or talking quietly. Two girls, A and B were sitting just behind me and they were looking at A's new notebook which had a big map attached at the back (it was a thick journal like book). They had been talking for a little while before I started listening to what they were saying.

A: It's like there should be only one ocean.
B: There are many oceans though.
A: There are five oceans. I learned that in school.
B: Yeah, I think so.
A: What are they? Indian Ocean...
B: Arctic ocean, Atlantic ocean, Indian Ocean and Pacific ocean.
A: Wait... Indian, Arctic, Pacific and...?
B: Antarctic
A: But that only makes four
B: Five oceans- Arctic, Atlantic, Indian and Pacific
A: Wait, where's the other?
B: That's it.
A: That's only four!
B: Arctic, Antarctic, Pacific and Indian.
A: And?
B: Oh yeah, Atlantic!
A: Where is that?
B : Between America and Africa.
A: Ohhh, I thought that was... then where is the antarctic ocean?
B (pointing): Down here
A: Oh... Ok! Hey, which is the biggest continent, by the way?
B: America. Or Asia. One of those.
A: The best continent to visit- like if you ever get a chance to tour a continent, has to be Europe.
B: I know..! It has places like Spain, Switzerland...
A: Seriously..! The capital of Spain is Portugal, right?
B: Yeah.
A: What about Switzerland?
B: Umm.... Zurith, I think, or something.
A (pointing at map) : All those amazing football players in Spain, in just this little area....
B: I know, isn't Ronaldo so hot?
A: Yeah, they all are...!

(both keep agreeing)

We all pretty much have our favorite seats which means that people keep sitting in the same places or with people they're already friends with and this teacher is very lax, so I've heard plenty of funny conversations between the two of them.