It's been more than a year since I joined PD! I turned 12 a few months ago, and when I joined I was 11! (I've even changed personally. AND NO I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT PUBERTY, WHICH I KNOW SOME OF YOU WILL BRING UP. although that is part of the reason, but most of it is other things, like reading Harry Potter which I thought was stupid last year and getting ears pierced, etc)
And I'm a lot more experienced since then too..I can hyperlink and post screenshots. (of course you guys were no help, my other forum helped me with that ) I would have stayed here, but this forum is kind of creepy tbh I guess there are some creepy people on the other forum but the mods are really safe and they always delete posts that are inappropiate..unlike this forum lol
And this post is really pointless haha. I'm bored so I thought I'd pop in. sorry if it seems like I'm criticizing this forum. Don't take it personally ok