OHHHH SNAP! a spam forum!
this is gonna be great! I can talk about being a horse and no-one WILL CARE!
so chapter 1:
being a horse is great and all. I got da nice tail, i got da nice ears, i got da nice feet, but i don't got da-da-da...pikachu..
so ever since i was a pony i wanted to get a pikachu and i was playing pokemon sliver on my gameboy colour (<---- thats how u spell colour as a pony/australia) and i got a egg and guess what it was!
A PICHU! I WAS SOOO EXCITED AND I WAS ALL LIKE: OMG IMMA GET A PIKACHU SOON! but then my gameboy broke and i wanted to kill myself.

p.s i hope this will get me some friends
p.p.s tell me if u want more chapters (which u wont cause no-one loves me)
p.p.p.s yes i am a REAL HORSE....