Before your guild can unlock the first Guild Mission - Guild Bounty you have to upgrade Art of

War to Tier five inside your Guild panel. Unlocking the very first tier of Bounty will expense

you 30,000 influence and takes three days. There are 3 tiers of Guild Bounty, each increasing

in difficulty and rewards. Guild Bounty can be outlined as events where your guild need to find

and capture different targets. These individuals are wanted for many different factors and have

all sorts of tricks up their sleeves to resist arrest!

By completing Guild Bounty, you could anticipate to earn private rewards (2 pieces of uncommon

or better equipment, 50 silvers, 2 Guild Commendations) for everybody involved, in conjunction

with a new currency called Guild Merits. The degree of guild merits earned varies by guild

mission type and tier. There is also a weekly limit to the level of guild merits a guild can

earn Gw2 gold through each guild mission type. Guild

Merits may be used to unlock new Guild Missions or powerful guild rewards.