I had a fucking weird dream last night!

So I dream of this place often, it's a mountain side like village, with green grass and farm land everywhere. It's country-like but it's near crystal clear waters and a summer sun that reminds you of the beach. Everything is on the side of a gradual mountain, but the higher you go, the steeper it gets (naturally).
Anyway, there is a section that becomes a thick forest and the mountain becomes even steeper with little vegetation, made mostly of dirt and rock. there is a waterfall and a pitiful stream running down it. besides this "water fall" is a plateau, hardly one that is, and a mansion is built on it... right into the mountain to be honest. Also, underneath, or behind, the water is a cave. The cave has a network of tunnels that run into the mansion and a garden that happens to be beside the mansion.

anyway, my dream was scary because i was running through the place avoid fucking zombies with just a popsicle stick. i wake up, freaking out and then i have another dream where robots were brutally killing people and i was trying to escape. i could feel the helplessness. wake up from that too and then sleep again.

this time this dream got crazy! i was traveling through space observing creatures/aliens that existed in other galaxies. i remember an insect like creatures that would attack stars. they are the only ones that can absorb the stars energy without burning. they would cling together in clunks and kill the star. then they would vibrate and create enough energy to make one of them explode and become another star....

then i traveled to see a different animal, that resembled a bush baby and a mix of the new mewtwo forme. something was explaining to me what it was and what it did. and for some reason, i was freaking out how that animal doesn't even know what a cat was or the sound a cat makes... i began to meow in my dream (probably in real life too).

then i wake up

crazy dream where i was attacked by zombies and robots then another dream traveling space and observing creatures