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    Iím bored. So Iím gonna be talking about stuff. Yeah, just stuff. This is my new blog. Read it. Adam I saved all of your rants on Microsoft Word. 96 pages man, 96 DAMN PAGES! Thatís a real slap in the face. Now imagine if those rants were all towards one particular person.

    Well, I have nothing to do. Itís 9:47 pm here, my mom is watching the movie world trade center, my cousin is playing nba live 2005 (like always, heís hooked to video games; will go on about that later on in the thread) and my sister is watching come movie I donít know. I feel like going online, but I canít. Mom said she doesnít want to get in trouble with dad, and he gets mad because he thinks I do the computer 24/7 and heís always right. The truth is, I do the computer about 1 and a half hours a day, and I really wish I could do it longer. All I do is go on WLM and PD and post. On WLM, it is boring because Xion is never on anymore (CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHY) and Peeki keeps on being a whore because he never talks to me anymore like we used to in the days of summer 2006. Oh well. EDIT: Heís talking to me right now and I just woke up.

    My moms birthday is tomorrow, and she just got early gifts. A shirt and a new shitty cell phone. Meh, sheís lucky Ďcause she could stay up on her birthday Ďtill 3 am or something without my dad getting mad because itís new years eve. Dunno why, but my dad is a ver jealous man. My mom is pretty cool anyways, but my dad is confusing.


    Iím drinking a can of Diet Pepsi while writing this. It tasteís okay; nothing special and I would rather prefer a regular Coke or Pepsi, but I donít have one. I live across the street from a Hess Express but neither mom or dad let me go outside my house. Iím traped inside my home like a bitch on lock with her pimp master. Zero calories for diet pepsi? Wow, nice shit. Now Iím looking around the can and reading to see if I find anything interestingÖ okay found something. ďManufactured by independent bottlers under the authority of Pepsico, inc.Ē WTF? Pepsico? Explain this for me someone please.

    Found something else.

    Under the Pepsi logo is sais ďLIGHT. CRISP. REFRESHING~Ē

    - Light? Yeah, pretty much, hence it kinda tastes like they just threw in carbonated water, phosphoric acid, and caffeine. Pretty LAME.

    - Crisp? Hell no.

    - Refreshing? Somewhat yes, but Iím leaning towards it tastes like pig intestines.

    Okay I just burped and my cousing started repeating ďChris burpedĒ for about a minute straight. My mom just got the video camera Ďcause he randomly started farting and dancing to some rap music. This kid is pure nuts!

    I totally agree with Adamís rant stating that soccor sucks and basketball rules. Shall I quote it for you all to read? I shall.

    Let's see some sports, and explain how Basketball is the only cool sport.


    Played by overweight middle aged men. Doesn't take much skill at all. Hit the ball far and have a decent run speed, plus the ability to catch the ball. Catching a ball shouldn't be hard either, they give you a huge mitt to do it. The game itself isn't exciting either. I've been to 1 before with my friends, we left after 3 innings. It was way too hot out and there was no action. They stand around and stare each other down, then the pitcher chucks a ball. The fact the game has no set time limit is frustrating also, one game could be over in an hour because they get totally murdered or tons of outs. Or the game can last 4 hours because they are deadlocked on 2 runs each. The game itself is just frustrating and annoying to watch. It requires no skill, no strategy, and yet it receives tons of undeserved attention. What's even more retarded is they have minor league baseball. People actually pay to see that too! What's funny is baseball is so ridiculously easy and stupid, yet they have tons of steroids scandals. Sadness.


    Second worse sport to exist. There's like 50 players on a team, and they use 15 at a time. Defensive/offensive linemen never make it into the hall of fame. With good reaosn, they're meat bags. They just stand there and push each other while fast niggas run and tackle one another.

    Funny unnoticed racism. Did you ever notice a majority of the quarterbacks are all white?

    The game itself requires no strategy at all. They call a play, and run the play. What happens if the play fails? They just stop. They don't understand how to modify what they're doing. Fouls are lame too. Who the hell decided this point system?

    The schedule itself pisses me off so bad. These guys don't play many games at all during the season, then the superbowl championship is ONE game? Every other sport not named soccer (to my knowledge at least) play MORE than one game per championship. This is so one team can't get extremely lucky, and it gives the other team a change to adjust strategy. This way you can prove you are the superior team. When i say change strat, that is basketball only. What the hell will change in baseball? "ok you need to make more home runs. you need to catch more balls and get people out. the pitcher needs to do better. LET'S GO OUT THERE AND WIN THIS ONE WOOOOO". Superbowl is the second lamest sporting event. Football is the second worse sport entirely.


    White rednecks doing the fairy hobbie of ice skating, but they beat each other up so it's more manly. The goalie is stupid. You load the fatest guy on the team up with even fatter pads to make him super fat, then sit him in the goal. The goalie only has to cover the area from the floor to 6 inches in the air with his body, and the opposition will never score.

    This sport is only about fighting, and i know that because fighting is notorious in this sport. Hardly anyone fights in football/baseball/soccer, and if it happens in basketball the second you shove someone you get ejected from the game. If you fight in hockey you get put in the PENALTY BOX OMG. 5 minutes out!!! I say again this is a fighting sport because they let people fight without stopping it at first. I don't even know if you go to the penalty box, i expect they let you keep playing.

    Even if i'm wrong on the consequence for fighting i don't care. Hockey is a lame sport that canadians love. You don't want to be a canadian you?


    Above and beyond the worst sport ever. People tell me "Omg Adam, the entire WORLD except your country loves soccer". You know why? Because it sucks. You know why the rest of the world loves it? Because America isn't hardcore about it. If we were seriously hardcore about it, we would dominate in it. Then the rest of the world would find some other pseudo-underground sport to love instead until we dominate that too.

    Soccer requires no strategy. There are no time outs, only 3 substitutions. It's just "ok you 2 try and score, the rest play defense". Soccer is the most frustrating game to watch EVER. 2 people run in to score, the entire 9 people on the other team collapse around the 2 slashers on DEFENSE. No wonder no one scores, everyone is defending and not attacking. What if your entire team goes offense? You'd score. What are they going to do? Randomly kick the ball 200 feet behind you? They won't be pushing past you unless they leave a few behind (like they SHOULD) on offense. Only game where 90 minutes can go by and no one scores, yet everyone is exhausted. Waste of time.

    Stoppage time is the gayest thing in sports history next to the defensive arc in basketball. Stoppage time basically says "We know the game should be over, but we're letting people wind down before we call it quits". No, stoppage time is retarded. The game ends when it ends. If you want 94 minutes instead of 90, then make the clock say that. You don't need to reach 90 minutes then bring up the extra computer graphic with stoppage time just because your computer guy wants to flaunt his skills. I have seen games lost in stoppage time, instead of a draw someone does an actual hustle play and a team plays offense, then there's a score and the other team loses. Game should have been over 2 minutes sooner anyway. Soccer sucks. Here is my FIFA attack from last summer:

    -Coaches don't do anything. They sit there, and make substitutions in the last 20 minutes. Wow.

    -Time. Time never stops in this game, which was pretty weird. it also counts up and not down, which made my head hurt the first time i saw it. Time doesnt stop when fouls are called (with good reason, because this game is long enough as it is). Aside from glaring fact...STOPPAGE TIME?! What the fuck is stoppage time?? It serves no purpose. In a nutshell, stoppage time is this "The game SHOULD be over right now, but we're letting everyone slow down" what pisses me off more about stoppage time, is a team can score and win in this situation. in no other sport, can you win AFTER the game should have ended. Retarded!

    -Fouls. Ok, a soccer person please correct me if i am wrong, but i swear, i saw in one game, a player was passed the ball and he was BEHIND the defender and they called it OFF SIDES. What i think i witnessed, was a pass to a player that was smart enough to get away from the defense to have a better shot, and it was illegal. If there was something in that i missed, please tell me so i can make sense of this game.

    -Defense. In any sport, you want as much help on defense as possible. Even in basketball, the entire team players defense at one point. There's a difference. 2 people trying to score against 9 people, is just retarded. In basketball yes the entire 5 of the team play defense at once, but the difference is THE ENTIRE OTHER TEAM IS ALSO ON OFFENSE. it becomes 5v5, not 9v2. how annoying. The espn pseudo experts (i dont think american espn should commentate on soccer when it's a europeon sport respectively) say they need midfielders...for what? the entire team is on defense, no ones going to kick it 200 feet and then make a mad charge in transition to score. it happens in basketball but its near impossible to fathom it happening in soccer.

    -Other. These were supposed to be the best teams in the world? You're telling me, guys who randomly kick the ball across the field are the best? Wow. I can understand defense doing it because you need to get that ball away from the goal, but i saw offense run within 100 feet of the goal, turn around and boot it down back to midfield for no reason other than they didnt feel like trying to get around the defenders. Lame sport, needs to pull its head out of its ass and realize anyone that can run around for 90 minutes and has enough strength to kick a ball a decent distance can play.


    An excuse to watch minorities beat each other up.


    If you know what this sport is, you know i don't have to say anything other than it's in the olympics and it makes me laugh hard to think of that.


    This is a hobbie not a sport.


    Same as bowling. Still fun as hell to watch though.


    A hobbie but at least this takes some skill. Driving the ball takes strength and a bit of finesse, but making puts and chip shots or trick shots from the rough/bunker is where skill comes into play. Give it a try sometime.


    Now i'm about to explain why this is the greatest sport known to humankind.

    The only REAL team game. Sure there are some dominant players on teams, but this is a team sport through and through. 1 player can't beat a team, that simple. All team members play offense, all team members play defense. It is a game of skill and strategy, which is why i love it so. You need a little finesse to make some of those baskets sometimes, as well as muscular control if you're the big players like kobe/d-wade. I mention those 2 because they are some of the few players that can make some near impossible shots from unholy angles in the strangest conditions. I've seen Kobe make layups over 3 people after he got shouldered. As in, a guy made a basket while falling on his face and not looking at the basket at all, and getting over 3 sets of hands. Mad skills.

    Coaches take constant time outs to make subs, readjust strategy, and talk to their players. That is how team sports should be. If your current plan is not working, call it back and reorganize then try again. Here were the rest of my initial points from back when:

    -Time. When a foul is called, the clock stops. It's that simple.
    -Fouls. ok, i'll give this one up, fouls in basketball are really lame. Blocking fouls especially, someone can run over another player, but because the defender was standing on a line, it goes from offensive foul to a defensive. That's retarded.

    -Skill. Everything in basketball short of total mistakes or a defender swatting the ball, is an intended movement.

    What i mean by skill, is there are no stupid things like in soccer or other sports. No one in basketball tosses the ball down court just to get it away from the hoop. If they make a cross court pass, it's to someone else who is standing there. None of this lets-kick-the-ball-down-field-300-feet stuff.

    They have the cool playoff series, where you actually have to beat the other team 4 times to advance. That says one team can't just get lucky one night or if they need a player to heal up or something, that's pretty cool.

    The points system is great. The amount of points depends on the (respective) difficulty of the shot. Freethrows = 1 because they aren't that tough since you can measure up and take your time. 2 point shots are anything made inside the 3 point line (about 20 feet from the hoop and everything inside is worth 2 points if you make a shot from there) and include dunks, but are worth those points. 3 point shots are worth so much because that's almost the same as threading a needle from over 20 feet away.

    Carmelo Anthony is the most overrated player in the league. How many times has Anthony dropped 81 points? That's what i thought.

    Maybe because most are black, but basketball players arent rednecks/racists/white trash like baseball/football/nascar etc. This sport is just the best, the sooner you learn that the better off you will be.
    Well, I just quoted his whole entry on sports. I like it. But I do think he is obsessed with Rhapsodyís album ďRhapsody of FireĒ or w/e itís called.


    Iím going to quote what I was going to post about 1 Ĺ months ago. I was so fed up with PD, but then posting got better and blah. Here it is.

    Iím getting annoyed. Iím getting real annoyed. This is my grievance thread, same thing as pull your socks up, but enhanced. This one will not suck, and definitely wonít be so short. Believe me. Iíve been having many things on my mind lately, and I would just like to clear my mind out by posting here and telling you my troubles as well. Letís get startedÖ

    First off, I would like to talk about alcohol.

    I hate it. I really do. Thereís also one simple reason to why I really hate alcohol, and thatís because my dad is getting addicted to it again. Alcohol is like, something that paralyzes your brain, and manipulates you. You wouldnít want that to happen, right? Well, alcohol has got my dad, and Iím afraid it is controlling him. Every month, my dad drinks a significant amount more than the previous month, and that is money right there. Money going nowhere for no reason, itís like throwing money into a well and saying bye bye I couldíve used you to pay some bills but I would prefer alcohol thank you very much. That seems like what my dad is doing. I moved my home, about 3 months ago, and the rent is about $400 more than my previous monthly rent. Guess what, my dad spends about $550 a month on alcohol alone, and then he complains when he is sober, that we donít have enough money to pay the rent and other bills. Along with that, when my dad is drunk on wine, it is even worse. His emotions are released, like some emotion curse or spell, and he thinks all this crazy shit. He thinks my mom cheated on him, then whenever my mom talks to my aunt whoís 21 yrs old; he thinks sheís talking to my auntís fiancť, who is young. Donít know his age though. The only reason that is, because my mom is 31, still young enough and good looking to pull a 25 yr old. Itís all because of alcohol. I simply hate itÖ

    Next up, comes PD.

    As I stated before, from my previous Ďrantí, this forum is screwing up. Youíll all see for yourself why, in these upcoming days, somehow. For now, Iíll just copy and paste when I Ďrantedí about in these forums before.

    PD, Pull up your damn socks! Everything overall right now just sucks. We need some old members back, and some new members to fit into this forum! Shapen up! Thereís been some really dim-witted thread making, and threads being made that are post-worthy, but we post about 1 Ė 2 days in them and forget about them! Members, shapen up too! Pull up your socks, and minimize that shirt size by 2, make your mother proud!

    Example of a really stupid thread:

    ^ lemur thread by pikachnozz. I mean, wtf? ďStop clowniní around lolz. [/lemurpichere] nvrmnd. Ē WHAT. THE. FUCK. This thread is a really good example. Right away now I know Tim or Mario will just start making stupid threads for the heck of it to annoy me.

    Anyways, next topic. Good threads!


    ^ kgís tutor idea. Brilliant idea btw KG, but people just got into it a few days, then completely overlook it. All Iím trying to say is, keep the good threads alive, and donít even bother posting in lemur threads that donít make sense. Please.

    Now, for members. START. POSTING! I know Iím one of those members that log in PD but donít post for a while until I find something to actually reply to with some god damn sense. Lucario, Solly or w/e the hell you want to call yourself, MAKE SOME SENSE. Iíve seen you get better in grammar lately, but you still need LOTS of work. Who tutors you btw?

    BM, you just need to shapen up overall. You need to make sense, actually type words that are read-able. You make me even more stressed than I already am when I see your posts with the o.o

    Events that happened today.

    - I woke up.
    - I ate breakfast.
    - I played some NBA 2K7.
    - Ate cereal again. (Cocoa Pebbles is mmm mmm fun!)
    - Went online to PD for about a 1 Ĺ hour.
    - Ate lunch.
    - Took a shower.
    - Worked out for about half an hour.
    - Played NBA 2K7.
    - Watched cousin play NBA Live 2005.
    - Played with cousin in the slam dunk contest. (I won with Fred Jones, heís a short shooting guard but heís an excellent dunker. I got all 50ís with him.)
    - Text my ex girlfriend for a while.
    - Took another shower.
    - Ate dinner.
    - Played NBA 2K7.
    - Said bye to my dad cuz he was going to work.
    - Started watching the Miami Heat vs. Orlando Magic but quit after the first half, we were loosing by a lot and neither Shaq or Wade were playing so I turned off TV.
    - Thought about making a rant thread for no reason.
    - Read all of Adams rants on word that I saved.
    - Started typing this up.

    My day was fun? Not really, rather boring than usual. Right now it sounds like some guy is getting anally raped in the movie Trade Center. He kept on moaning to passionately, but I peeked in the room where my mom was watching this movie, didnít see anything sexual. Iím guessing there was a change in scene.


    My sisterís weight.

    She weighs 165 lbs., while I weigh 133 lbs. Not cool. Sheís 11, and Iím 14. Can anyone say, obbseessityyyyyyy.

    Itís 10:42 pm right now, and Iím not tired. Now Iím worried about my upcoming report card. AHHHHHHHHHH! 2 Cís = not good.

    Iím randomly going to post what I used to think of Ripdo on the other forum when she made her little thread about changing PD.

    Ridpo Ė You have serious mental problems. I suggest you see a psychiatrist. Please. Youíre turning into pseudo bitch, and Iím sorry to say that. I wish you would quit trying to help and Ďreviveí or Ďget it back to the way it wasí to PD. You horribly suck, but it is true, if you leave PD wouldnít be the same. I guess youíll be on PD for a good while, but stop with this Ďchangingí PD bull shit. Are you really black? ĎCause all of the black people I know donít act the way you do. Itís prolly because youíre name is RIPDO and you slope headed. =Self reminder, give yourself a treat for that one Chris. =

    Now Iíve written 8 pages on word, I must be really bored. Wait, I have an idea. Letís talk about my cousin like I said I would!

    Okay. My cousing reminds me of Ripdo. He likes teen titans.

    This kid was 5 when he got his Gamecube. Such a young and innocent age, and get him a video game system? WTF? His parents are retarded. (Sorry aunt and uncle I still love you )

    Then they bought him about 25 different games. First time I go to his house and walk into his room, I see gamecube game disks all over the floor scattered. This kid doesnít take good care of his shit. He sits right in front of the TV, and thatís 2 feet away tops. His eye sight must be pretty bad, and heís 7 right now. He still canít talk straight. He mumbles out his words. Thatís pretty pathetic, I learned to talk straight when I turned 4. A 3 year differential! Woahzerz.

    Then, this Christmas that happened a week ago, his parents got him a PLAYSTATION2. They really want to make him retarted, donít they?

    =Just opened another can of Pepsi.=

    Alright, about this kid. He plays his PS2, Ďtill 3 am. The same day he gets it, he gets hooked on NBA 2K7, and plays until-

    He just yelled out Yao Ming out of nowhere.

    - 3AM and his parents donít say a word about it. So my parents decide to take him home with us for about 5 days. Today is his last day. He brings his remote controller and brings his 4 games. (NBA 2K7, Rebel Raiders: Operation Nighthawk, TTSuper Bikes: Real Road Racing, and DT Racer.) He plays only this basketball game, and wonít allow me to play with him. When I force him to play with me, he finally agreeís. He plays, I play, I start winning, he starts crying. After he cries, he screams at me and sais ďYOU NEED TO WATCH TV!Ē I say fine, and leave. Before I leave, he hits me. Ouch. (It hurts inside.) Later on he finds out I own a PSP. He wants to play. He plays, he drops it. He just dropped my PSP, I snatch it from his hands, and he responds ďCan I play now.Ē This nigger EXPECTS TO KEEP ON PLAYING RIGHT AFTER HE DROPS IT. Hell to the fuck no. Then he starts shouting, ďITís mine!Ē Heís a real big bitch.


    Personally, I like this game, Rebel Raiders. Let me type up some stuff about this game.

    Rebel Raiders operation Nighthawk is the latest in air combat arcade games. Using cinematographic production techniques, Rebel Raiders places you in the very heart of air battle of titanic proportions.

    The game is set in the near future. The planetary nations have joined to form the ďUnion of World NationsĒ (UWN). Over time, this corrupt government became more and more inhuman and tyrannical. A few nations decided to reclaim their independence and established the Alliance of Independent states (AIS). A devastating armed conflict has been unfolding. You are a topnotch pilot who took the side of the rebels early on. You are an outstanding and valuable member of the Alliance of Independent States Air Force (AISAF). As the head of Ghost Squadron, you lead a handful of brave but inexperienced rookie pilots.

    Rebel Raiders: Operation NightHawk puts you at the head of a squadron of pilots engaged in colossal air conflicts in the midst of vast natural scenery. Personally, I really enjoy this game.

    Itís now 11:24 am and Iím DAMN TIRED. This is like a blog wowzerz! I hope you all enjoy this! (I know itís not as entertaining as Adamís pseudo blog, but its standard, right?)


    Also, this is somewhat of a grand entrance.

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    Interesting read. Except half of it was quoteddd.

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    Yeah I know, but it's still pretty big to me.

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    how tall is your sister? she must be huge

    i don't usually play basketball games, but nba 2k7 looked pretty cool from the commercials.

    diet pepsi is shit. diet SODA is shit.

    i started playing video games from age 3 and i'm perfectly fine

    keep it up young blood.

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    Gah, your cousin sounds like a bitch. I won't get into a rant about my brother...

    I'm sorry your life sucks, Kakashi

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    my cousin is 5 and owns a Gamecube. :/

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    Sorry for the damn lazyness guys, but I promise this will be updated soooooooon!

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