Except for me, who is an anthroplogist in training, and therefore actually does have a bit of an in-depth knowledge of cultures. Enough to say that, at least, each one has its pitfalls, and saying one is "superior" to another in any way is kind of a bogus statement. Here's some cons of Western Culture:

- Profound obsession with consumerism
- Media saturation and fear-mongering
- Dependence on "superiority" to other cultures to justify own actions
- Lack of tolerance for alternate ideas of sexuality, gender, etc.
- Lack of multilingualism aside from romance languages
- Lack of environmental concern
- Dependence on agriculture
- Perceived incompatibility of various religions and philosophies (Science vs. religion, Islam vs. Christianity, etc.)
- Dependence on debt
- Conservative view of marriage
- Conservative view of sexuality and gender
- Ignorance of alternative approaches (Why are there so many "Culture Bound Illnesses", but Anorexia Nervosa is its own psychiatric category?)
- The fact that sharing needs to be taught to children and heavily emphasized instead of just being naturally learned
- Idolization of certain ideals without rationale (Economic growth, modesty, material wealth)

The point being, every culture has things that are "wrong" with and things that are "right", and simply having more things that are "right" than "wrong" doesn't make that culture superior, especially if the "wrong" things happen to be pretty bad themselves.