We are American, that brand name gives us tremendous value in the ever modernizing world that other countries (more so companies) want on their employee docket. That being said, I have been looking into teaching abroad and I found something very interesting, if I make less than $100,000.00 dollars outside the U.S. I don't have to pay a cent in income tax. Furthermore, if I have a spouse, my household income can be $200,000.00 with not even being looked at by the Federal government. That got me thinking, what country would be the best to work in with just a basic no name degree and on top of that what would be the best country to work in with a more specific degree but nothing too complicated like a PHD and shit. South Korea is a prime example, they will pay people who are certified in teaching to teach English around $2,000.00 a month AND pay for room and board AND pay for their roundtrip plane ticket AND be exempt from South Korea's income taxes (which are only 3%-7% anyhow) for 2 years. (If you just have a B.A. they still give you $1,800.00 a month.) If you spend $14,000 a year (which is a HUGE over estimation because it costs 300 a month just to eat there) you are saving $10,000.00 a year and in 2 years you have $20,000.00 tax free and a plane ride home. All this JUST because you are a white boy from America who can speak English.

Now think of this, if you did a "real" job AND had a specialized easy to get BA what country would really give you a good bang for your buck. See what you can find.

Conclusion, I think this is the way of the future for the Western world, selling yourself on the global market. Your net value is worth more elsewhere than in America.