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PewDiePie's audience is mainly American and Eastern European tweens and teens and so that's the level of entainment he goes for. Kids that age like dick jokes and random screaming; the same people who like rage comics.

Alternatively Game Grumps is mainly the same age group, but a lot of time they just ramble about nearly anything and there are a lot of meh videos you have to sit through to get to something good. But they are fine for background noise, if you can tolerate John.
Pewdiepie likes to play into shock value, I think. But I honestly cannot sit through 5 minutes of some Scandinavian screaming rape. Game Grumps at least have good content in some of their work. Hell, they have a whole episode with Grant fucking Kirkhope. I wish I could play Goldeneye and Banjo with Grant Kirkhope.

I really don't care that much for Let's Play on Youtube. I stick to SA ones. The only Youtube LP stuff I watch is the Rooster Teeth stuff.

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