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    So far I have finished watching as of lately Revolutionary Girl Utena and a few months ago Code Geass. However, I don't know if there's any other shows I've missed. I stalled Escaflowne and Princess Tutu, and I plan on finishing the latter. And I already have recommendations for GTO, Hellsing, D Grey Man (however you spell it), Kimi ni Todoke, and X'amd The Lost Memories. So, do you guys have anything you think I should? Besides random classics I'll come by and finish anyway, I have no idea what I'm going to finish next.
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    Have you seen Eden of the East or Outlaw Star yet? Or perhaps Baka and Test?

    What genres you into?

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    Eden of the East is amazing. Try watching Genshiken, great anime for anime fans.

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    Damn lol I never finished Eden of the East.

    I also recently Free! some weeks ago, but I watched Rose of Versailles and it was so good. It's an old shojo anime from the 70's by Riyoko Ikeda. Now I'm watching her other series called Oniisama e... (Dear Brother.) Some of the best drama I've seen in these shows in anime recently.

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