Thankfully I live in the far southwest, which is dozens of meters uphill from our main drainage point. Still, it's been thunder storming for a straight week now with very few breaks, and from my house I can see all the storms coming in from the rockies literally hundreds of kilometers away.

Calgary has never had a snow day before in spite of the thick downpour we get every year, but it wasn't built to handle flooding of this magnitude. The entire city core is essentially shut down and two halves of the city are basically cut off form each other.

And yet, everybody's being calmed, evacuating quickly, and being hosted by other well-meaning folks right away. Nobody's been killed or even injured, and nothing even seems particularly bleak, just inconvenient. Nobody's tried to score any political points out of this (well, except Harper, but who can blame the old asshole), and it seems as though people are being generally helpful whilst not sensationalizing everything. Thanks Canada, you still handle emergencies better than the US.