Now that I have earned 2 Bachelor degrees in 5 years and will have a real job in the next few months I can now think about other things in my life, like how to educate myself more in other fields. I really want to become more tech. savy in the computer field where I'll have enough knowledge to make a nice side venture for pocket change. I'm not looking into getting another Bachelor degree in computer science and such because I'm not looking to have that as my full time job. (Although I would make a lot more money if I did.) What I am looking to do is get one or two technical degrees (2 year degrees) in the computer science area to be literate enough to go off into different ventures. I want to mod. computers for personal use and maybe retail use, I don't know. But what I do know is I want to be able to UNDERSTAND what I'm doing rather than just copying and pasting a web manual. I also want to know more about coding, right now my interests are in creating web hosting units and making it into a little side business, I'm sure I'll need coding for that to a degree. In any case I want something new and lucrative to sink my brain into for the next 3-5 years while I am working in my other field. That being said, where do you suggest one start when one wants to learn more about "computer science."

Tots. would do her. If this was a manga/anime I'd read it/watch it.