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Thread: How Can I Protect My Computer Security?

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    Default How Can I Protect My Computer Security?

    Help! Confidential files on my PC leaked
    Recently I have gone through a tough situation: The rival company somehow managed to steal some confidential data from my computer. Consequently our company lost a great order. I am a senior manager so everyday I need to sign numerous papers. Documentations occupied a large portion of my hard disk space. I am cautious and always pay extra attention to ensure my PC security as I am responsible for a wide range of important projects. Not until last week’s final presentation did I realize that the other company had stolen our design, they were presenting our proposal ahead of us!!! But when and how they accessed my computer? I didn’t even notice

    How to protect my PC Security?
    After this incident, I find the existing safety monitoring system on my computer is not strong enough. I need to go for a more professional and reliable program to make sure my files are 100% protected. It’s better if I would be able to get instant report of all my computer activities. Is there any computer security protecting software meets my need?

    I have consulted some of my friends but their computers are protected by computer safety system that developed by their own company, which means I will never have a chance to get one. I ask my secretary to find something useful and helpful but most turns out to be deficient and incomplete. I am kind of picky this time since I don’t need any accident anymore.

    While I randomly search “ how to protect PC security” on Google, I am attracted by a tool called Myjad Keylogger Pro. What’s keylogger? I then further read the whole introduction and how amazed that it seems the exact thing I need! I downloaded the 5-day trial version to check all the functions as stated on its site: clipboard record, application tracking, keystrokes logging, websites visited, screen captured, parental control. It is well compatible with all the apps installed on my computer and I can monitor every computer activity without being aware of by the intruder! Good thing comes when you least expect, right?

    I am sorry that I couldn’t post my logs here because they might have contained my private information. So I will show you the images that posted on Myjad site.

    Monitor personal email activity:

    Keystroke Logging:

    I get to know more special features about Myjad Keylogger Pro as time goes by. Clipboard record helps me to log all copied texts, act of launching an application will be noticed to me, any inputted keystrokes are logged, screen capture is enabled for logging visited websites. Even though I use it for business purpose, yet parents can also apply for protecting youths from Internet bully or cyber crime. Ever since I install Myjad Keylogger Pro on my PC, I never suffer the same pain again.

    You can watch the video tutorial below:

    Dowload Free Trial as Below:

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    I like how blase this is about just installing a keylogger on your computer, at least they're being upfront instead of trojan horsing that shit.

    Also, the music from that video is very soothing.

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    this is actually well put. :]


    why can't more video games have background music like this? some sound to crazy or too boring. it's never something upbeat and soothing.
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