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    Default Pokemon: Ramor Chronicles.

    Okay, to fill everyone in I am currently trying to put together my own Pokemon Manga. This follows game canon (the only true canon if you ask me) and is set roughly fifteen years after Black 2 and White 2. It has entirely homemade characters (apart from ONE, but we'll get to that later), a new region to explore, new Gyms, maybe even a few new Pokemon, we'll never know I figured I'd write up a novelisation and adapt that into the manga or vice versa, but here goes! I would highly appreciate feedback!


    Much like in our own, technology marches on in the Pokemon World. The high-tech Pokemon encyclopedias known as Pokedexes, previously trusted only to certain people to help Professors with their research, are now mass-produced and readily available to any Trainer. Villages and rural towns began to grow into cities and change the landscape of the planet.
    Despite these growing changes, one thing that has always been a constant is the ambition of the world's people. Every day, countless ten-year-old children obtain their first Pokemon and set of on their own journey, some to take on their region's Pokemon League and try to become Champion, some to take part in Contests and become Coordinators, some to become Breeders, Connoisseurs, Professors and so on. Soon, one such adventure will start, albeit later than most, for two teenagers working in Professor Balsa's Pokemon Lab outside of Preluda City, in the far-off Ramor region. Who knows what sights will await them? What challenges they will face? What obstacles they will have to overcome? All we know for sure is that their lives will be changed forever, as they take their first true steps into a brave new world!

    Chapter 1

    The Road Not Taken

    Magnet Train Station
    Kayarii Town
    Ramor Region

    Amara Tokare's day started the same as any other. Wake up, head downtown to the station, take the magnet train to Preluda City, get to the Pokemon Lab situated in the city's University and spend the day helping with research or looking after the Pokemon in the nearby nature reserve, as she had done for the past five years.
    While her travelling around Ramor was short-lived, she had a capacity for adventure that could never be filled, that the daily train from one town to another would never begin to satiate. She loved caring for the Pokemon in the reserve, she regularly brought her Cyndaquil with her to let him stretch his legs and play with the other Pokemon, she didn't care what they payed her to do it as long as she got to do what she loved. Unfortunately, even this was starting to bore her.
    Tending to wild Pokemon in a nature reserve was one thing, but she longed to raise her own Pokemon like she did her Cyndaquil. She wanted to travel the region all over again, take on the Pokemon League like she never did, make friends, rivals, live her life to the fullest!
    Her daydreaming eventually subsided, and Amara returned to her work with a sigh.

    Professor Balsa's Pokemon Lab, Trainer's University
    Preluda City
    Ramor Region

    Cato Balsa had been at his father's lab since yesterday morning, having fallen asleep with his head in a book. His life was quiet, even boring by most's standards, but he loved it. He was a bookworm by any definition, he preferred staying indoors in the lab doing research with his father, Professor Daryl Balsa, over almost anything. He spent most of his childhood playing with the Pokemon in the nature reserve near the university or in the Lab with his father, and even chose not to become a Trainer on his 10th birthday to become his father's Aide.
    He had friends at the University, he worked closely with his fellow Aide, Amara, and even spent a lot of time playing with his older sister, Carmen, when she visited home during her own journey. He missed her greatly, but doesn't blame her for leaving. After all, he chose not to become a Trainer to do what he loved, she left home to do what she wanted.
    He checked his watch and groaned, having fallen asleep at the Lab again. Dad's gonna be pissed, he thought. This happened a lot, he would be up doing research until 3 in the morning, and simply pass out with his face in a book. While his father enjoyed the dedication Cato had to his work, it bothered him that he spent so much time studying instead of making friends with other students.
    Cato rubbed his eyes and stretched, before gathering his books and wandering outside to get some air before starting his day.
    This momentary peace was interrupted when Professor Balsa approached him.
    "Fall asleep in the Lab again, kiddo?" the professor asked sarcastically.
    "Time flies when you're having fun, I guess it just slipped away from me. Sorry, Dad." Cato replied, still tired from his lack of sleep.
    Professor Balsa simply shook his head.
    "Cato, I'm a Pokemon Professor. I spent years studying in Johto as an Aide, then I travelled overseas a lot before I got this job. Even by my standards, you spend far too much time in this Lab with your nose in a book!" he said, bored of having to talk to his son about this.
    "I'm sorry Dad. I just prefer doing this. It's what I enjoy doing." Cato responded, rolling his eyes.
    "Okay, son, go home. Take a week off, go do something other than sit in this Lab and read. Am I understood?" the Professor sighed.
    "Yes, Dad. Whatever you say.." Cato mumbled, before leaving the university campus.

    Preluda Pokemon Sanctuary
    Outside Preluda City
    Ramor Region

    Cato walked through the reserve and sat down under a tree. When he couldn't go to the Lab, he would come here to be alone with his thoughts. He was more of an indoors person, but he enjoyed how peaceful it was here. He could spend all day under this tree with no disruption other than the occasional wild Pokemon. As he closed his eyes and tried to get some shuteye, he heard footsteps. So much for my nap.
    He opened his eyes and saw Amara walking towards him with her usual welcoming smile.
    "Hey, dude! The professor kick you out again?" she asked, while setting down food for the wild Pokemon.
    "Yep. Fell asleep in the lab again." Cato replied, the exhaustion in his voice being made clear.
    "Can you blame him? You spend so much time in that lab, if you ever decided to go talk to the other students, even the geeks would be giving you a wedgie!" Amara responded with her usual humorous side.
    "True, I can't help liking what I do though." Cato sighed.
    "I don't see how you keep it up though. I'll admit, I like this job, but I'm getting bored of it! Day in, day out, it's just feeding Pokemon and doing research! I want to get back out into the world! Explore! See what the region has to offer besides a University in a city surrounded by mountains!" Amara began to vent, her irritation with her current life being made clear.
    "Well, there's actually nothing keeping you here. If you want to go travelling, it's all up to you." Cato smiled at his best friend.
    "That's true, but part of me doesn't want to leave. Cyndaquil likes it here. It reminds him of home."
    After saying this, she takes a PokeBall off of her belt and releases her Cyndaquil, which, unlike others of it's kind, has blue flames shooting from his back.
    "I remember when I caught him. I was in Rijon on vacation at the time, and he just stood out. We've been friends since." She smiled at both Cato and Cyndaquil.
    "You've never told me that, Amara." Cato acknowleged her sentiment. The conversation was soon cut off by both Cato and Amara's Xtrancievers beeping.
    Both picked up, discovering that Professor Balsa was calling them.
    "Cato, Amara, come to the Lab! There's something you need to see!" he said quickly, excitement obvious in his voice.
    "What's, up, Professor?" Amara asked.
    "I just got an intriguing report from some colleagues around Ramor! You'll want to see this!" the Professor exclaimed.
    "Okay, Dad, we'll be on our way." Cato responded, before hanging up. Amara quickly recalled Cyndaquil, finished feeding the wild Pokemon and both ran back to the University.

    Professor Balsa's Pokemon Lab, Trainer's University
    Preluda City
    Ramor Region

    Professor Balsa paced back and forth in excitement. What he had just learned had excited him more than anything had in years. Cato and Amara both enter the Lab, approaching the Professor's desk.
    "What's happened?" both ask.
    "I'll show you!" the Professor responded, turning his computer to them. On the screen were pictures of various unrecognised Pokemon from around the region.
    "These were sent to me by my colleagues around Ramor." he explained.
    "I don't think I've seen these before..." Amara noted. She then produced her Pokedex and scanned the pictures. The encyclopedia had no data whatsoever on these creatures.
    "These Pokemon have never been seen before! This is a breakthrough discovery!" Professor Balsa exclaimed.
    Cato was speechless. Even after all these years, even when Pokedexes are publically available, Discoveries like this still happened, and he was witnessing one such breakthrough!
    "I have something to ask of you, Cato. I'm obviously preoccupied with teaching here, so I need you to do some field work for me. I'll give you a Pokedex, I want you to search for new Pokemon like these and document them for future Pokedex updates. Can you do this for me, son?" Professor Balsa asked.
    "I would be honoured, Dad. I'm glad I can be a part of a breakthrough like this!" Cato responded in excitement.
    "But I can pick up a Pokedex from the Poke Mart on the way, don't worry about that." he added.
    "Ah, but the mass-produced Pokedexes house all the information for DISCOVERED Pokemon, and don't have the capacity to add new entries. I want you to take MY Pokedex." he replied, and pulled a transparent device the size of a notebook out of his labcoat pocket.
    "This is a special-issue Pokedex. It's sort of like an administrator model. These share a private network with others of it's kind and can share any information they gather. They also have the capability of adding new entries. Take this, use it to register these new Pokemon. The information you gather will be shared with Pokemon Professors around the world. You'll be doing very important work, son, and I thank you for doing this for me."
    "I'll go home and pack. I'm also going to let Mom know I'll be gone. Thank you for trusting me with this, Dad." Cato replied, finding all of this hard to take in, before walking out of the lab, mounting his motorcycle and leaving.
    After a moment of silence, Professor Balsa turned to Amara.
    "I also have something to ask of you too, Amara. I know you've been thinking of leaving to start an adventure of your own, so can I ask that you keep an eye on Cato while he is gone? He's fine by himself, but I'm hoping that being out and around people will help him out of his shell."
    "No problem! Having some company would keep us both sane. And I don't blame you. Cato's a nice guy, he just needs to get out more. I'll keep an eye on him for you while I take on the Pokemon League and he is cataloguing for you!" Amara smiled, knowing she could finally go off on an adventure without feeling like she was abandoning her duties.
    "I would suggest that you head to Sankamono Town and take on the Gym there. There's a Gym here, but you will need to train a lot more before you're ready to take him on. Thank you, Amara. Now get out of here and go have some fun." Professor Balsa smiled and watched her leave.

    Several hours later
    Cato's Room
    Apartment 17A
    Preluda City Centre

    Cato had been having a very eventful day. It had gone from the usual sitting around the lab doing research, to packing his bag and leaving to explore the world in the name of science. His mother had reacted just as he'd expected; sad that now both of her children are leaving home, but happy that they were both doing what they loved. He was ready to leave, but first he'd called his sister, Carmen, to let her know what had been going on.
    "Really? You? Outside? Who are you and what have you done with my baby brother!" Carmen Balsa joked after hearing the news.
    "I know, I hardly believe it! Maybe you could come with me? You have a better knowledge of the region than I do, you'd have a better idea of where to go than I would." Cato asked.
    "Oh, I would love to, bro, but I'm not in Ramor anymore. I've spent the last few months in the Telov region after I beat Ramor's league. Sorry!" Carmen said disappointingly.
    "No worries, I'll figure something out." Cato responded, disappointed that he couldn't be reunited with his older sister, who has been away from home for over fourteen years and become the Ramor League Champion. At this point, Amara had been let in and walked into Cato's room.
    "Is that Carmen?! Holy crap, I haven't seen you in years!" Amara exclaimed.
    "Amara? Wow, it's been a while! How's that cool Cyndaquil of yours? Reconsidered that offer to trade, yet?" Carmen responded with her usual smile.
    "Keep dreaming, champ. He's mine." Amara responded with a joking smile.
    "If you say so. Anyways, I'd better be going, I'm not far from Frodomar City and I've got my eye set on it's Gym! Talk to you later!" Carmen replied, before hanging up.
    Amara smiled at Cato, who returned it.
    "Hey, Cato, I was wondering if you wanted me to tag along while you're doing that thing for your dad?" Amara asked.
    "Sure! I could use someone who has experience travelling the region. Let me know when you're ready to go!" Cato smiled.
    "I've been ready for years, pal. I'll meet you at the University in the morning!" she smiled.
    The next few hours were spent packing their bags and talking about past adventures and what may be in store for the pair. Amara slept on the Balsa's couch, it being far too late for her to get the train back home. Tomorrow would be the day everything changed for the better, for both her and Cato.

    The next morning
    On the road
    Preluda City

    Cato was feeling more energized than usual today, this being a mixture of his impending departure and his remembering that a bed is a lot more comfortable than a desk. He and Amara left not long after waking up and took his motorcycle to the Lab. They took this time to further discuss the first steps of their journey.
    "So what's the plan once we leave? Take the Magnet Train up to Kayarii so you can finish getting ready?" Cato shouted.
    "Where's the fun in that? We should hoof it! Make our way through Strata Valley! Where's the adventure in just taking the short route? Who knows, we might find one of those new Pokemon along the way!" Amara shouted back.
    "You have a point. I haven't seen my dad get anywhere near this excited since we spotted that Shaymin in the Sanctuary! This is a huge discovery!" Cato pointed out.
    "I saw that, I've been working for the Professor since I was thirteen, I've never seen that look on his face before!" Amara responded.
    "I've been with the guy all my life and I've never seen it either!" Cato remarked.
    "That reminds me, what Pokemon are you taking with you? It'd help if you didn't go alone, and Cyndaquil would have a friend!" she asked out of curiosity.
    "I don't have any. I never became a Trainer remember?" he answered.
    "That'll have to change! Even if you're just doing field research, having a Pokemon with you helps!" Amara exclaimed.
    "I knew that much but I've never done any field research, remember? I've never needed my own Pokemon." he responded.
    "No wonder you're so lonely! Pokemon are great company! I'd be lost without my little buddy at my side!" Amara said, looking at the lone Pokeball on her belt with a smile.
    "If you say so. We're here!" Cato shouted before slowing down, parking his motorcycle and letting Amara and himself get off. Professor Balsa was already there, waiting for them.
    "You two took your sweet time getting here!" The Professor said to the pair.
    "Sorry, Professor! My dad told me not to spend all night at the Lab again, I guess he didn't get the memo!" Cato replied sarcastically.
    "Funny. Anyways, before you two get going, I wanted to make sure you had everything you need." He responded, handing a small sack to Amara.
    "I went down to the Botany Department and picked a few of those crossbred berries your Cyndaquil loves so much, Amara. If anyone asks, a Rattata got in and ate them, understood?" He smiled mischievously as he gave her the sack of Rawst/Sitrus hybrid berries.
    "Thanks, Professor! And don't worry, I know how annoying Rattatas can be!" She replied with a wink. He then turned to Cato, and handed his Pokedex to his son.
    "I've uploaded the photos onto it, so you'll have a basic idea of what you're looking for. I've asked the guys at the Observatory to forward any further reports to you, just in case. Don't worry about your bike, I'll make sure it's safe. Good luck." He said goodbye and shook hands with both Cato and Amara, before watching them leave.
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    Nice! Waiting for the next chapter!
    Originally made by LM:

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    It had just occurred to me that this wasn't the final version of the chapter, so I got the finished version from OTH and there's another paragraph or two for you ^_^ Chapter 2 is in the works as we speak!

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    Chapter 2

    Earlier that day
    S.S Trident
    Kreshev Bay
    Kemlin City
    Telov Region

    The sun was just beginning to rise above Kemlin City's skyline as the cargo ferry known as the S.S. Trident departed from Kreshev Bay for countless other regions in the Valera Peninsula. Having become Champion of the Telov region's Pokemon League a month beforehand, a tired-looking man in his mid-thirties walked out onto the deck and watched the bay fade off into the distance. Telov was one of many regions he had visited during his long adventure, and it certainly wouldn't be the last. His thoughts for the last month had been where his journey would take him next, what challenges he would face, what Pokemon he would encounter, but at this moment he had exactly one thought, I am freaking exhausted. He soon made his way back to his bunk and took a well-deserved rest, much to his pleasure after running on up to two hours of sleep per day while in Telov.
    Nearly twelve hours passed before the ship moored at it's first destination of many, and the man was prematurely awoken by the sound of the captain's voice over the PA.
    "Attention passengers, we have arrived at Saidon Harbour in the Ramor region. We will depart at 2300 hours."
    He sarcastically cursed at the captain for interrupting the best night's sleep he'd had in years, before picking up his bag and making his way off the ferry. As he took his first steps in this new region, he looked around at his surroundings, finding himself thousands of miles from home in an unfamiliar region, surrounded by people he didn't know and would never see again, as he always was. He had no Pokemon with him, having either released or given them away before boarding the Trident, as he had done traditionally for the past twenty years or so. He planned on spending the night at the Pokemon Center, stocking up on supplies, and then heading out of the town to start building a new team and take on the region's League. He was given directions to the city's Pokemon Center by a dock worker, and wasted no time in making his way there.

    Later that evening
    Strata Valley
    Ramor Region

    The sky had turned a spectacular orange as the sun began to set over Strata Valley as Cato and Amara departed from Preluda City. As they reached the clearing, they stopped and stared in awe at the sight before them. Preluda City was situated in a highly mountainous area of Ramor, and travellers were no strangers to the multitude of canyons and valleys found there. Strata Valley stood out among these due to the fact that the layers of sedimentary rock could be seen in the valley's rock formations, resulting in a five-mile-long valley lined with beautiful striped stone, ranging in colours from whites to rich browns. Aside from the natural works of art the valley was famous for, rivers and lakes teeming with Pokemon could be found at every turn.
    "Get a load of that view! This really takes me back!" Amara said to herself in awe of nature's beauty.
    "It's been a long time since I've last been here, but I agree. Last time I was here, Dad was taking me fishing in an attempt to get me interested in the great outdoors. I never actually noticed this view back then." Cato remarked as the pair continued walking.
    "Didn't Carmen ever take you out here when she was home?" Amara asked, thinking if anyone could get Cato out in the open, it would be Carmen.
    "Nope. Unfortunately for me, she became so caught up in her adventure we practically never saw her, and when we did it was for a week tops, before she'd disappear for at least two years. She's been like that since she first left home when I was three years old, It's essentially what I've always lived with when it comes to Carmen, but I still miss her." he sighed in response.
    "I'm sorry for bringing that up, I can't imagine how it must feel to be away from family for that long. When I was travelling Ramor, I would be back home at least once a week, so I had no such trouble."
    "Don't worry about it. Like I said, It's been like that for as long as I can remember. It's just one of those things I've got to accept-" Cato began to say as he tripped and fell.
    "Oh crap, are you okay, Cato?" Amara asked as she ran to help him up.
    "Yeah, I'm okay. I just tripped on something, what was it?" he replied, before picking himself up and walking over to the object on the ground that caused his fall.
    "It's a PokeBall!" Cato exclaimed. He had tripped on a half-buried PokeBall, which instead of the standard red-and-white colours, was a deep crimson colour and had intricate designs etched all over it.
    "This was custom made! Carmen told me about a man in Saroya Town who customises PokeBalls for Trainers. I'd hate to lose one of these if I ever had any!" Cato explained to Amara as he examined the discarded device. Due to this, the PokeBall soon activated, releasing an unfamiliar blue Pokemon in a flash of red light. Amara's face lit up at the sight of this new Pokemon, and quickly drew her Pokedex to learn more about it.
    "No data available on this species." The Pokedex's electronic voice announced.
    "Holy shit." Cato mumbled to himself, before quickly drawing his Dad's Pokedex. He focused the clear device at this new Pokemon and scanned it, comparing it with any of the unidentified Pokemon discovered by scientists at the Observatory. Shortly after completing the scan, the Pokedex began to speak.
    "Two entries found relating to this Pokemon." It said, before bringing up a blurry picture of this Pokemon and playing a voice note from an unknown scientist.
    "Log entry 824, June 3rd, 2028. My team and I have named this newly-discovered Pokemon 'Aquelite'. This creature's characteristics include pale blue skin, with turquoise patterning on it's forehead and neck, a thick stone carapace on it's back, a short tail and four fin-like appendages, similar to those of the Pokemon known as Lapras. Initial studies of the creature fighting with other native wildlife indicate that the species is Water/Rock type. No other information is known. Message ends."
    Cato and Amara simply stared at Aquelite with their jaws dropped for several minutes. They knew this was their mission, to study these new Pokemon, but to find one so early in the journey? Cato slowly reached into his backpack and took out a handful of Oran berries, before kneeling.
    "Hello... Aquelite?" He said in a soft voice. Aquelite's ears pricked up and he quickly turned to face Cato, with a distrustful look on it's face.
    "My name is Cato Balsa. I'm not going to hurt you, I just found your PokeBall here." Cato said to the Pokemon, before offering him the berries. Aquelite nipped at his fingers, making him drop the berries, and ate them off the ground, before backing away and glaring at the pair.
    "Poor thing must be terrified! First thing it finds when it gets out of it's Ball is that his Trainer is gone, and he's surrounded by complete strangers! We could be poachers for all he knows!" Amara sighed, before releasing her blue-flamed Cyndaquil.
    "Maybe another Pokemon will make it feel less intimidated."
    Cyndaquil approached Aquelite curiously, trying to identify this unknown creature. Aquelite responded by growling at Cyndaquil and attacking it with Aqua Jet. Cyndaquil fell back, the blue fire on his back dimming slightly.
    "We don't want to fight you!" Cato exclaimed. Cyndaquil, however, had plans of his own. Being attacked unprovoked by Aquelite had put the thought of battling in his head. Kurusu had issued a challenge, and it wouldn't go unheard. His signature blue flames shot out of his back as he retaliated with Quick Attack.
    "Since Aquelite is part Rock-Type, I can't imagine that did much good." Cato commented while observing the battle.
    "Are you seriously giving him tips?! Why not try and break the fight up!" Amara yelled.
    "This is the perfect opportunity to study Aquelite's behaviour, moves and battle style! This might help us understand him more!" Cato replied while recording the battle with his camera.
    "Damn you, Balsa! Fine, have it your way. Cyndaquil, use Will-O-Wisp!"
    Cyndaquil did as his friend said, and succeeded in burning his opponent. Clearly angered, Kurusu responded with Iron Tail. Being a Fire-type, Cyndaquil shrugged offthe Steel-type with ease, before hitting him with Ember. Aquelite was knocked back by the attack, but used his types to his advantage and hit Cyndaquil head-on with Water Gun, defeating him.
    "Okay! Stop!" Amara yelled, before running between the two. She have Aquelite a Rawst/Sitrus berry, which both healed his burn and restored some of his health, before returning Cyndaquil to his PokeBall. Aquelite ate the berry and smirked, partly out of gratitude for being fed even after defeating his newfound rival, but partly out of newly-gained respect for these strangers. While they definitely weren't poachers, he wasn't sure of their intentions, and the male buzzing around him and taking notes was rather irritating, but until he was reunited with his owner, they would have to do.
    "It's getting dark, we'd better set up the tents for the night. When we reach Kayarii Town I'll talk to someone in the Pokemon Center and see if we can't find out where Aquelite came from." Cato suggested before recalling Aquelite and beginning to set up his tent. Amara nodded and began setting up her own.

    Pokemon Centre
    Frodomar City
    Telov Region

    Carmen stood up and looked out of the Pokemon Centre's window, hoping that the battering snowstorm had subsided. Even compared to the other settlements in the Telov Region, which seemed to be locked in an eternal winter, Frodomar City took the most punishment. The city was constantly battered my vicious snowstorms, and it's buildings and skyscrapers were perpetually snow-capped.
    She groaned at the sight she saw, or at least what little she could see through the heavy snowfall; she was going to be stuck in here for a while whether she liked it or not. Carmen slumped back in her chair and sighed in boredom. She reached into her backpack and produced an ornate wooden box, which contained her many Gym Badges from her time adventuring in Ramor. She took out four of the badge-covered plaques, one for each of the collection of badges from all four of Ramor's provinces, and looked into the box to see the fifth that would hold her Telov badges once she recieved them. This plaque only held two badges, which were the Zen Badge from Musco City and the Gaia Badge from Kienn Town. She had come to Frodomar City to get her third, the Coral Badge, but due to yet another snowstorm she had been holed up in the Pokemon Center for two days. Her Xtranciever wasn't getting any signal either, so calling Cato or her other family and friends was out of the question. God damnit, I'm going to lose it if I'm stuck in here any longer! She though to herself, and decided to let out her recently-caught Furfrou for the sake of company. She smiled and scratched behind it's ears, being met with a happy bark in response.
    "Don't worry, pal. I'm sure we'll get out of here and get to the Gym soon..." Carmen sighed as she continued to stroke her friend's shaggy white fur. Furfou smiled at her in response and curled up on her lap with a yawn.
    "...Any friggin' day now."
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    Okay, Chapter 2 is done! I'm settling into a chapter structure now, so things will be more organised for now, I also gave Kurusu a new name to replace the Japanese one from the Gen II concepts: Aquelite. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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