Fuck yeah. Let's start a game for old time's sake, eh?

Basic stuff for people I don't care about/don't know:

Mafia is like the game werewolf.

First, everyone gets a role. These roles can be innocent or mafia. Traditionally innocents always outnumber the mafia. The point of the game is to eradicate the other faction, so mafia kills all innocents, or innocents kill all the mafia.

There are two main phases, night and day. At night, night actions are made; the mafia don gets to kill one player, while all other roles make their actions. During the day, the dead player(s) is announced, and players debate on who is mafia. Innocents then get to vote on who to lynch. Player with the most votes against them are lynched and removed from the game. Their role and alignment will be revealed to the group.

Mafia are the only players that can speak to each other privately during the game, for everyone else, no outside thread communication.

Traditionally on other forums phases last 24 to 48 hours, but on Cosmo you guys were fucking insane and there were times where phases were five minutes, we'll see how things go this time.

For those who played before the roles will be, depending on the number of players:

Mafia Don
Mafia goon


These are the most basic roles. No aliens or third parties.

So who wants to play?