Does anyone know (personally & preferably IRL) any website owners? While Pokemon will be popular forever I feel like PD gets like medium-medium/rare traffic. The question is how much $ does this site make. I am assuming enough to support itself otherwise we would all be assed out. Would it be possible for us to calculate the total cost it took out of Mr.'Cool's pocket over the years and estimate the potential profit of this per year/for the next few years?

Another question, since it seems to me that he's got a p. cushy job IRL, what is his ultimate attachment to PD? We cannot be making more that a few peanuts, is it some sort of power trip? He's got a small group of people' e-life in the palm of his hand?
I'm sure he's got even better sites he could put on his résumé know like ones that work properly and don't insult him all the time.

Help me out.