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Thread: pokemon battle frontier lyrics

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    Ninetails: Sworn sister, as a personal advice, do try to not get yourself into such sticky situations. Though i must agree i am impressed with your ability to stand your ground and defend yourself, not putting on a fight is better as it reflects how good your upbringing is that you are able to tolerate people's actions and words. It takes courage to fight, but more courage not to fight Im not going to start the fight so lets leave it at that

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    Yeah Ok, I give up. I was tired and had nothing else to do, sorry . Let's hope you understand me, because no one else in this world does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoen_dweller#257 View Post
    Ok i may be a n00b with nothing to do with this conversation whatsoever, but why can't we just all settle down? Doesn't anyone besides me realize that all of this started just because someone put lyrics in the wrong place? How stupid! That's like starting a fight over which dog is cooler because somebody turned their math homework into their science teacher! Just leave each other alone because it doesn't matter if Slowpoke has no good comebacks. Maybe if Slowpoke got support we wouldn't have to worry about that...but whatever. Nobody cares.
    I considered "supporting" him or training him or something of that nature, but I don't know because he really rather irks me.
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