I recently took a "class", it was more a crash course kind of thing, on effective presentations, and I met [let's call him] Bob who was sitting next to me when we all had to do a presentation for the class. He wasn't very good- apparently he was too nervous- but we struck up a conversation since he was sitting next to me.

Since then :

He waits for me everyday before class
He insists on sitting next to me
( He's in most of my classes)
He keeps inviting me over to play his video games, and watch his collection of tv shows
He walks me to wherever I'm going when he sees me
He doesn't like when I talk to others
- he keeps interrupting when I talk to other people
- he joins the conversation and takes over, making everyone listen to him

He automatically assumes we'll partner up whenever we need to in classes (plus he's already sitting next to me, so there you go)

He wants me to wear his jacket in winter ( ... )
He likes everything I like and dislikes everything I don't like
He presents us to other people as a unit ( always talking about "we" and "us" and about what we feel or decided etc)

Am I just overreacting? Because I am feeling so uncomfortable. Plus he's super weird. Like really.

How do I tell him to back off? I would feel so uncomfortable just brutally telling him to stop being friendly, because so far he's just being friendly.... right? I've been trying to avoid him, but I can't keep doing that forever.

Advise me PD.