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Thread: I feel defamed.

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    Default I feel defamed.

    Today is the final day of Mr.Henri's Super Awesome Summer Camp. I had a fucking blast. Also I met an awesome person. Now regardless of the fact that this will be considered tooting my own horn, I am, like, the best camp counselor of all time [insert Kanye echo]. I have a strong feeling that the little rugrats are gonna remember me for years to come. I'm gonna miss them too.

    But on to the meat of this issue. I arrive at work with my co-worker, we took the same train. She goes to speak with the boss about the paperwork and bullshit that she's expected to do. I pop in and chat for a bit and then I go to wait for the campers.

    Long Story Short: My director knows ALL about my little liaison with my co-counselor. To the point that she's asking if we are living together and the defamatory question whether or not she knows that I have a girlfriend already.
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    Corrections to be made:

    "co-worker"/"co-counselor" - Get over yourself buddie and accept that you are "junior" to my "senior"

    "little liaison" - Little? I'm O-ffended.

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