Back Story: Sometime last week after I got off the train at Nostrand Ave. (Brooklyn) on the way to work I stopped to chat with one of Jehovah's Witnesses while waiting for a light. Right before I crossed the street and left the corner, I heard someone bark that he had a bike he was selling. I asked how much and he responded something unintelligible but as I was running a bit late for work I kept walking. He caught up and asked me if I was interested, I asked again and he said, "Well lets start at $30." After a brief haggling session I rode off on my brand new old bike for $21.

It's a nice bike. An old-school cruiser type deal. I'll show you guys later when I'm not lazy. The only thing wrong with it is a chain wrapped around the body that doesn't impede performance. (Explained away by him allegedly doing some work in a home and after looking at it in the basement, it was given to him by the landlord. Corroboration: he said he had to screw the back wheel on by hand and well, the back wheel was indeed screwed on by hand. Legit!)
I've tightened what needs to be and added a small bolt to the peice that keeps the back wheel aligned and rode it a few times already.

Now I'm about to really put it to the test. A small trek, 10 miles through Queens to Roosevelt Island. Google maps says it'll take me about 1.15 hours provided I don't get lost.

Wish me luck!