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    "The World's End" by Edgar Wright is an incredibly highly anticipated film by pretty much everyone. Shaun and hot fuzz both garnered love and attention from critics and the general movie-going public alike, so what else would you expect people to expect from a film-maker so critically praised and yet humble? Well, we all wanted another one. Another one of those fun, fast, incredibly well-written pieces of film that both entertained us and gave us a feeling or two. Did this movie accomplish what shaun set up and hot fuzz seemed to bridge?

    Well, coming from this very erratic and unconventional reviewer's opinion, it didn't. It didn't meet the majority expectation and was not what i thought i was going to get. This movie, at first glance is a movie about drinking, sci-fi, and action. its an odd, but granted choice seeing how his previous films focused on either more horror aspects or seriousness used for comedic effect. The movie is 5 friends revisiting their past and having the present fall hard on them. Its a movie where the ambiguity of the plot from trailer to trailer pulls you in and suckers consumers into paying money to see it. The thing is that i want to buy everyone a ticket immediately.

    This film has everything in it. It is a constant array of clever jokes that are relevant to the plot, setting, and characters. the comedy is ingeniously intertwined with the character drama and the plot taking place. Its a story both small and large in size, and they focus both ends of that perfectly. The actual plot is just so thick and so philosophically challenging yet optimistic that it intellectually fuels you whilst you laugh and enjoy the fun film you are watching. Its really astounding how well it does this.

    When addressing this movie, you have to comment on the action sequences. They are impeccably well executed, and though the characters are moving fast, you perfectly understand what is going on and what the motivations are. The bar fight in general is the best fight sequence i have ever seen caught on film. Edgar Wright shoots these sequences in very expertly choreographed manner, where the camera seems to dance around the action, much like black swan's performance scenes. Its really a spectacle to behold, and it truly deserves more respect for what it is accomplishing viscerally.

    In the end, i could go on, and have, about every single aspect of this movie. It truly is a flawless film in every sense in my humble opinion, and i hope some of you see this and support the film as well. Its heart is heavy, its philosophy is strong, its action is gorgeous, its characters are realistic, its comedy is so fucking good it hurts at times, and its my new favorite film.


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